Awakened Relationship - Iris Benrubi Sea

Awakened Relationship – Iris Benrubi Sea

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Awakened Relationship hosted byIris Benrubi – Season 3

Are You Ready to Have:

A Loving and Passionate Romantic Relationship with your Soulmate?
A Deeply Connected and Peaceful Relationship with Yourself?
Do you want to Learn how to Love Yourself?
Then you must read on…

We have 16 dynamic speakers and leading experts who are ready to share
with you their top tips for having Loving, Connected Relationships
and how to add More JOY into your life!

The Experts on the Awakened Relationship Teleseminar will teach you their top
techniques and strategies on how to have the love and passion you dream of,
so that you can enjoy love, peace, connection, intimacy and joy!

Are You Ready to Have the Life You Dream of?

Have a look at some of the things you will learn from our expert speakers:
• The 3 keys to Lasting Love
• How to create Mind Blowing Orgasms
• The 1 thing you can do in your relationship to create a Loving Connection
• How to rapidly Release Limiting Beliefs and Flow into Love and Connection
• How to Feel More Love than you thought was possible
• How to Heal Wounds of Blame and Criticism from close relationships
• The Secrets to a Soulful Relationship
• How to let go of judging yourself and Love Yourself right now
• How to Easily Dissolve Resentments and Regrets
• How to Channel Anger and Jealousy
• Why Trust is the foundation for Deep Connected Love
• How to be Vulnerable and feel Safe at the same time
• How your ‘issues’ in relationships are Gifts wrapped in sandpaper

You will also learn:
• The importance of loving your SELF first
• How to attract the love you want effortlessly
• The beliefs you need in order to have a successful life
• The surprising technique to having a fulfilling life
• The simple way to stay connected and loved with a romantic partner
• How to transform sparks of tension and conflict into passionate love
• How to stop struggling and align with your life’s desires
• The difference between loving someone and being responsible for them
• How to get rid of and transform beliefs that are holding you back
• How conflicts are the seed of a dream
• How to have more fulfilling and fun sex

Meet the leading experts who are going to share their best techniques with you

Jeff Carreira
The Power of Commitment
• You will discover why many people in the postmodern cultural climate find commitment in relationships so often difficult.
• You will gain a unique perspective on what a commitment to relationship really means.
• You will learn how to remain on the inside of your commitments through the inevitable challenges that we all face
in our closest relationships.
• You will understand why clarity about the exact nature of our commitments is Key to keeping them.
• You will have new insights to apply to strengthen the commits in your life.

Arjuna Ardagh
Living Awakening
• Discover how to drop into the dimension of yourself which is infinite: beyond thought and reactive belief.
• There is only one thing that gets in the way of living from this more expansive consciousness.
• Find out how intimate relationship can be an expression of your deepest sense of your self.
• You have a unique gift to give which naturally emerges when you are connected to who you really are beyond the mind.
• Hear about how the leaders of some of the worlds biggest companies are bringing awakening consciousness to the work place.
• Discover the shortest and most effective ways to connect back to your self in times of stress.
• Sex can be a completely different kind of meeting when you know yourself to be the source of love.

Stan Tatkin
Wired for Love
By learning to use simple gestures and words, readers can learn to put out emotional fires and help their partners feel more safe and secure. The no-fault view of conflict in this book encourages readers to move past a “warring brain” mentality and toward a more cooperative “loving brain” understanding of the relationship.
• Creating and maintaining a safe couple bubble·
• Using morning and evening rituals to stay connected.
• Learning to fight so that nobody loses
• Becoming the expert on what makes your partner feel loved

Patricia Albere
MUTUAL AWAKENING: Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness
A new dimension of consciousness awakens and inside that awakening our hidden beauty and power can display its full glory and we can shine together.
• Discover a new possibility for human relating that can transform your life
• Experience directly a practice that will open up this new dimension of consciousness
• Learn why we experience an existential loneliness, even though we are in relationships and have a life that works
• Discover where the leading edge of consciousness is moving
• Find out why intimacy and a deep connection to truth is the portal to higher states of consciousness

Patty Contenta
B.L.E.S.S. Your Way to Natural Confidence
• How to make yourself more approachable
• How to melt into your feminine energy
• The softening power of self-touch and how to use it
• How to play up your most sensual body part for enhanced sex appeal
• Learn the subtle moves that make the biggest impact

Alison Armstrong
Wake Up from Normal: From Instinct to Inspiration
• How our perception of men and women defeats us from the very beginning
• How our instincts put us at odds with the opposite sex
• Small adjustments you can make to create a huge difference in understanding, connection and fun
• What to pay attention to everyday to avoid the upsets that burst the love bubble to have more harmony and satisfaction
• The signs that you’ve gone back to sleep, are on automatic, and your relationship is probably headed for a cliff.

Deborah Kagan
Live Life Lusciously: How to be the CEO of your Sensual Self
Tap into your #1 Source of Sensual Power – where it lives in your body and how to access it 24/7 with this power-packed experiential call with Deborah Kagan. Deborah offers strategies, skills, and techniques to access the four steps to renewed confidence, increased vitality and full self expression. Learn how to tap into your #1 source of sensual power understand why sensuality is a key ingredient to your success the kinky life (it’s not what you think) discover your six sensual profiles and how they raise your frequency and much more mojo info.

Susan Bratton
Full Integrity Seduction
• A conscious relationship welcomes the ability to delight your partner and seduce them into a lifetime of increasing pleasure.
• Discover how it’s possible to be completely confident making your mate an offer to which they will always
enthusiastically say, “YES!”
• Get your partner out of “no mode” forever with this simple model that replaces rejection with connection.
• Seduction can be something you do every day, even spontaneously. And no, it does not have to be manipulative.
• Your partner will be begging you to do this seduction routine, even if you’ve been married for a hundred years.
• This method works especially well if the intimacy is fading and turbo charges an already spicy relationship…
• Packed with easy examples, you will use this seduction strategy tonight to make your sweetheart’s eyes light up.

Dan Millman
Finding Meaning and Direction in a Changing World
Much is made today about the importance of happiness, as if all that we do is directed toward this end. Dan Millman points to a desire and fundamental human need for true fulfillment — a deeper connection with self, others, and world.
• Life`s four purposes
• The key elements to finding your life purpose
• Why there`s no such thing as a future decision
• What steps to take to experience the ‘zone’

Allana Pratt
Deliciously Attracting the Intimacy You Seek
• Discover the #1 block to Intimacy and how to change it now!
• Learn why intimacy is the key to not only attracting but sustaining a long term fabulous relationship
• Experience how you don’t need to wait for a partner to have a juicy,Ecstatic fulfilled life of intimacy, it can begin right away!

Dr. Darren Weissman
Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind
• A clear understanding of why you struggle in relationships with others and yourself
• How to set intention to create the type of relationships you desire
• How to shift fear and insecurity into confidence and clarity
• A simple strategy for processing self-defeating emotions
• How to use Love and Gratitude to raise your attractor field

Devaa Haley Mitchell
Blending Intimacy and Sovereignty in Relationship
• Access the archetype of the Lover to deepen your intimate connection with your beloved·
• Hear more about creating a regular “temple time” and how it can be used to create more depth and connection·
• Understand how to stay in your center maintain your sovereignty within your relationship·
• Explore how setting boundaries and saying “no” when appropriate can actually improve matters·
• Learn how to balance giving and receiving for maximum benefit for all involved.

Gillian Hood
5 Steps to Breaking Out of Diet Prison
• Understand why diets fail you and actually cause weight gain
• Finally free yourself from obsession and guilt
• Learn how to listen to your body,eat normally, and reach your body’s natural weight
• Reject the faulty ideas that keep you chasing diet after diet and adopt behaviors of naturally thin people
• Discover the secrets to eating all the foods you love without the fear of gaining weight
• Find the path to freedom from food obsession, restriction, deprivation,emotional overeating and constant misery

Raphael Cushnir
The Hidden Power of Emotion
• Do you have an unrealized dream? Are you still waiting to tap your full potential?
• What stops you from manifesting your greatest life vision
• What sabotages prayer, affirmations, or any other personal-growth technique
• The Key to making us truly unstoppable
• The succinct technique to overcome lifelong struggles with career, family, relationships,weight,self-esteem, and addiction.
• How to fall in love with every moment of your life

Rob McNamara
The Intimacy of Elegance
• How to Stop The 2 Major Forms of Infidelity
• The Real Reason You and Your Partner are Together
• End the “Sameness Game” and Welcoming Diversity
• How to Navigate Relational Gridlock
• Stopping the Myth of Conflict Resolution
• Secrets to Go Beyond Yourself
• Discovering the Intimacy Your Heart Yearns For

Iris Benrubi
The Intimate Journey : The Keys to Loving and Being Loved Fully
• The Keys to Loving and being Loved Fully
• How passion and intimacy affect the quality of every aspect of your life
• What your roadblocks are to passion and intimacy
• A new way to look at intimacy
• Why we hit the ‘glass ceiling’ for passion and intimacy
• How to breakthrough that ‘glass ceiling’ to achieve the love we crave

About Your Host Iris Benrubi
Iris Benrubi is the founder and president of Simply Success. Iris coaches High Achievers who have all the outward markings of success but whose happiness gauge is on empty. Having lived in North America, Europe and the Middle East, and speaking several languages, Iris brings a global perspective to her coaching. Iris brings to her coaching a varied and diverse background that enhances her ability to gauge her clients’ needs and assist them to create what they are committed to in their lives.
Iris has owned and operated 4 businesses over her 24 years as an entrepreneur including direct sales, real estate and director of a club, counseling and life coaching. In 1983, she graduated with a BA in Physical Education and in 1998, graduated with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Her education and training, enhanced by her natural ability, Iris is able to get to the crux of her clients’ limiting beliefs and enable them to create healthy empowering beliefs that support them in creating the life and career they dream of. Her passion is seeing her coaching clients create freedom, happiness and success in their own lives.
Iris is involved in numerous professional organizations including the International Coach Federation, the Markham Board of Trade and the Ontario Association of Coaches, Consultants, Psychotherapists and Psychometrists.
Iris has travelled in 24 countries and backpacks yearly with her children through South America. She is a member of Servas, a Global Community of Peace Seekers. In 2005, she organized a walk for peace called “Peace in the Holyland for the Children of Tomorrow”. When she isn’t travelling, Iris she enjoys riding her motorcycle, dancing salsa and reading. Her passions include drawing and painting, learning about people, their cultures and values and improving her Spanish.
“Iris presented her viewpoint about the purpose of coaching to the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs. Her words of wisdom were attentively listened to by everyone at the meeting. She was congratulated for inspiring attendees to explore the possibilities within so that they might joyfully attain their passions and purpose.” Joan Hamilton, CAWEE Director



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