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Israel Hyman - Izzy Video Membership Site Rip.

Israel Hyman – Izzy Video Membership Site Rip

Here are the descriptions of each of the newest video lessons:

143 Big Tips to Get Great Audio from Lavalier Microphones
144 Flash to Photo Effect
145 How to Set Up a Wireless Lavalier System
146 Fix Bad Audio with Noise Reduction
147 How to Shoot Video with Multiple Cameras
148 Shooting Video with a Digital SLR: Part 1
149 Shooting Video with a Digital SLR: Part 2 – Exposure
150 Shooting Video with a Digital SLR: Part 3 – Dealing with the Bad Audio
151 What Camera Should You Buy?
152 How to Edit Footage from Multiple Cameras
153 How to Export Single Images from Video Clips
154 How to Shoot Video of a Trade Show
155 How to Shoot Video with a Kodak Zi8
156 Why Can’t I Add a Transition in Final Cut Express (or Final Cut Pro)?
157 How to Convert Old Analog Video to Digital Video
158 How to Reduce Echo in Your Video’s Audio
159 Where to Get Music for Your Videos
160 Slow Motion Video
161 Diffusion Panel Comparisons
162 How to Compress Video for the iPad
163 My Favorite Camera Rig
164 How to Go from Final Cut Pro to a High Quality DVD
165 High Definition Clips in Standard Definition Sequences
166 How to Shoot Video in Low Light Situations

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