Ivana Bosnjak - Ecom Flips

Ivana Bosnjak – Ecom Flips

Tired of traffic driving, listing building, SEO, Video marketing WITHOUT Any Real Results?

Simple eCom Site Flips Make Us $100-$200 Per Site With Just A Few Hours Of Simple Work…

(Rinse And Repeat As Often As You Want To Make Even More Money…)

Why You Need To Get Your Hands On This BRAND NEW Method Right Now…

  • This method that’s totally newbie-friendly

  • Make $100 – $200 in PURE profit with just a couple of hours of very simple “work” (we’ll show you how to do everything inside)

  • Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish…

  • You can easily do 2-3 of these per day, and make $200 – $600 in PROFIT daily!

  • You don’t need a list or any sort of design skills or experience…

  • No paid traffic, or anything complicated required…

Dear Struggling Marketer,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that eCommerce is all the rage…

It was big in 2016. And it will be even bigger in 2017.


The “gurus” make selling physical products online seem so easy…

Unfortunately, it’s NOT as easy as they make it seem.

You have to deal with..

  • Marketing your store and getting traffic

  • Deal with customer inquiries and support

  • Handle shipping issues…

  • Running a successful eCom store can be extremely time-consuming…even if you’re drop-shipping…

BUT, What If You Could Make Money Off The eCom Craze Without Doing Any Of The Hard Work?

BUT… before we continue…

let us introduce ourselves…

Hi there…

Bart Deblock and Ivana Bosnjak here…

We are both Internet Marketers, and we’re also single parents (we each have 2 of our own!)

On top of that, Bart is currently holding a full time job and part time Internet Marketing, while Ivana is a full time Internet Marketer for many years now.

Having said this, we both have one thing in common…

As we are single parents, both of us spend time on building STABLE and LONG TERM income streams!

Once we learn something that works, we put training material together and teach you how to do that as well!

So…you see, not too long ago…

Such As…

The best part about Bart’s simple $100-$200 (or more) per day method…

  • You don’t need any design skills or prior experience to make these sites…

  • The sites don’t need any traffic…

  • And, these simple sites don’t need ANY proof of sales!

  • You can have your first site up-and-running within a few hours from RIGHT NOW (we’ll show you EXACTLY how)…

This is WAY easier than methods you see every single day like…

Why Site Flipping IS The Best Way To Get Started or Build Additional Income Stream?

  • It’s easy for anyone to make money IF they follow the right strategy!

  • You don’t need to build a list or a following to get started!

  • There are no COMPLICATED methods to get your sites to sell, just follow what we teach!

  • Get started today, and by next week you can be making $150-$200 per day in your spare time!

  • If done right, lot’s of repeat customers!

  • It is simple, wash and repeat method and good part of it can be outsourced!

Follow our PROVEN Method that Taps Into One of The HOTTEST Industry Right Now – eCommerce!

Discover How To Make $100-$200  Per Day In Profits With eCom Without EVER Selling A Physical Product!

Sounds Impossible?

Keep on reading!

You see, we know you are used to seeing “no work” type of offers every single day……

BUT we all know that those DON’T Work!

No matter which avenue you go…there is going to be a little bit of effort involved!

However, having said that,  you don’t have to SLAVE at your desk to bring in $100-200 PAYDAYS or even BIGGER!

The Simple Truth is Anyone Can Do This!  

If you are looking to earn an EXTRA income


Turn it into a Job Replacing INCOME!

This method can make it happen!

Ready to follow into our footsteps and build a STEADY – reliable income stream?

Here is what is included:

  • Module #1Quick – no-fluff overview showing you the inner working of this powerful strategy. You’ll be up to speed on all you need to know very quickly!

  • Module #2How to find hot, in-demand products that you can use to build your store in about 10 minutes… When you follow our method and use the right products, people will compete to buy your store…

  • Module #3What’s in a name? Everything… We’ll show you how to snap up the perfect domain name for just a few bucks!

  • Module #4Watch over our shoulders as we show you EXACTLY how to build your HOT, in demand store (automated dropshipping store) and sell it for $100-$200 starting with a  FREE trial! (Plus… We’ll give you a quick tip that can BOOST your earnings to as much as $600-1000 per flip)

  • Module #5We show you how to LIST your HOT in Demand eCom site for sale. We give you a “copy and paste” listing template that makes buyers fight over YOUR listing…

  • Module #6Tips and tricks for selling your newly created eCom store for the TOP dollar (We’re also including a real cool twist on this method that gets you multiple sales with 1 auction!)

  • Module #7How to quickly transfer your site to the new owner and most importantly… GET PAID! (We’ll let you decide how you spend your money!)


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