Jaime Mintun – Turbocharged Consulting Package

Jaime Mintun – Turbocharged Consulting Package

Let me take you back in time for a moment?to the glorious, tacky 80s. Before the internet, before Google, and before I was old enough to count to 10,000.

Back in 1986, hundreds of thousands of Americans flocked to purchase the lowest-priced car of the decade, called the Yugo. For only $4000, you could drive off into the blazing sunset…that is, if you could make it off the lot.

Unfortunately, eager Yugo drivers found the vehicle riddled with problems. The engine would stall without warning and stubbornly refuse to restart?for absolutely no reason. The stereo would break, seat belts would fail, and the steering would lock up. For $4000, Yugo drivers got little more than a frustrating heap of metal that sometimes took them places.

Fast forward twenty years?does this little story hit a bit too close to home?

Trade the Yugo out for any one of the last five products, ebooks, or software you bought, and you probably relate to the above all too well.

Most of us have spent far more than $4000 on our own dreams of freedom and mobility (though our vehicle of choice now is the internet).

But we’re still struggling with software, websites, marketing strategies, and business models that break, fail, stall, and completely frustrate us–at no fault of our own.

So imagine your frustrated Yugo driver,
fed up with his heap of trash someone dared to call a car,
suddenly being handed the keys to a sleek, turbo charged Ferrari F40:
the fastest, most powerful vehicle of its day.

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