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Jason Fladlien - How to Set Up A Membership Site In Under 6 Minutes

Jason Fladlien – How to Set Up A Membership Site In Under 6 Minutes

Sale page: http://www.setupamembershipsite.com/mst/index.php

How to Set Up A Membership
Site In Under 6 Minutes –

2009 is finally the year where you can set up profitable membership sites for free and with ease. In years past, the technology just wasn’t there. In the future when everybody else finally figures out, there will be too much competition.

NOW is the time to cash in.

My name is Jason Fladlien and membership sites have been good for me. I specialize mostly in fixed term membership sites.
That way I can set them up and run them on auto-pilot.

I don’t knock them out of the park, but do pretty well.


$17,000+ from a membership site on video marketing.

$16,000+ for another on WorPpress.

My business partner and I once sold a membership site with less than 53 members for $32,000.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do that as well.

Point is I know a thing or two about membership sites.

The first trick I know is how to set them up. In fact, in one video you get I show you, in real time, how I set up a membership site in less than 6 minutes. That’s longer than normal, too, since I was explaining on the video how I do it, while I was doing it.

I can actually do it in under 2 minutes when I’m not “live” in front of an audience. And I do it with 100% free tools. No costly investments in complex software like aMember.
Here’s the truth though

Setting up membership sites is just the beginning. That doesn’t automatically mean you’ll make a profit.

In order for that to happen, you should market it 1 of 6 ways. Funny enough, one way you should almost never market it is as a membership site. It’s too hard to sell someone on joining a membership site. Instead, it’s much easier to use the 6 techniques I’ll show you.

Also, based on my personal testing and results, I have found 3 ways to cash in on membership sites without using forced continuity at all. I’ll share those with you as well. However, there is one time when you should absolutely test forced continuity (we’ll get to that).

Here’s another slick secret – multiple levels. You should have a downsell level, and at least one premium level. I show you how to automate this whole process as well.
What about membership content? Ha!

I lay out for you, a step by step a process where you can take 60 minutes of content someone else generates, and use it to populate 2 weeks worth of content. No, it does not involve PLR or MRR products. Yes, it involves original content – but not you creating it.

This technique works well in the Internet Marketing niche, but probably works three times better outside the Internet Marketing niche.

That’s why you need my system. You can set up the membership site in 5 minutes for free. Generate a months worth of content in less than 8 hours of effort, and then use one of my 6 techniques to make it irresistible to visitors.

Get this: you’ll make money even if it flops. If there isn’t adequate demand, you package the membership content into a stand alone product, and make money off that (it will be such a slick offer at that point even sub-par sales copy could sell it).

And if it brings in even a little bit of success, then you’ve just stumbled on to a gold mine. That’s when you do the last 3 steps in my “membership site converter action plan” to implement an up level and down level – and then roll it out to affiliates!

They then do the work for you while you’re off in another niche setting up your next membership site.
You Can See It All For Free!

Here’s what there is with your name on it: I have 2 PDF guides and 4 videos going into exact and clear detail on every step in my membership converter technique.

Let’s cover what are in the videos first.
Video 1: Membership Site Conversion Tactics

This is a 47 minute, 32 second video that covers…

* How to sell an online membership site without a website, blog, autoresponder, list or even a single digital product (sneaky and easy!).
* Why your membership site must have a hook – and the 5 “hooks” I’ve used that have sold over $67,000 worth of memberships.
* How to create your content delivery schedule so you can put in the least amount of time for creating the highest value possible (meaning 8 to 14 hours a month of effort for a site you can sell for $47 a month per member).
* The 26 types of content that are perfect for a membership site (14 of the 26 you can easily outsource).
* The “Sports Illustrated” Internet Marketing model with a devious online twist.
* The absolute best place on your website to offer optional continuity.
* The correct and incorrect way to use forced continuity.
* How to make money with free membership sites (aka the “puppy dog” close).
* How to do $1 trials, and the exact number of days you should have for a trial period before billing them as a full paying member.
* How to combine a $1 trial with a certain type of “irresistible offer” to get membership conversions as high as 33% on a $97 a month continuity program.
* 7 real world examples of my most profitable membership sites – a look behind the scenes! (feel free to swipe away!).
* How I sold a membership site for $32,000 – and how you can build membership sites to sell them for big pay days as well!

and more!
Video 2: Real Time “Live” Demonstration Of Me Putting Together A Membership Site In Less Than 6 Minutes!

I start with nothing but a domain and a hosting account, and in less than six minutes I have a fully functional membership site – complete with password protection.

Best of all I do it all with completely free tools!

Then I spend the next 7 minutes showing you how to do little, tiny tweaks to modify the site to look and feel exactly like you want it to. No html, php, css or any type of code required.
Video 3: Taking Memberships To The Next Level

Once you follow video two and set up a membership site (works in any niche by the way) and start making profit, then you’re going to want to watch this video.

In this video I show you how to use a very inexpensive (less than $100) piece of software to make multiple membership site levels, create “user protected content” and integrate it with any major shopping cart or autoresponder – so it’s on complete on auto pilot.

This video is 13 minutes and 55 seconds of straight to the point info. Yes, in less than 14 minutes I can show you how to do all the above. It’s because this software makes it so easy!

Remember though, you only want to do this after you’ve followed video 1 and 2 and are making a nice profit on your membership site. This 3rd video is how you turn a $3,000 to $5,000 a month membership into a $15,000 a month and up membership site.
Video 4: “WordPress” Your Membership Site
So You Can Use These Plug-ins!

You should absolutely use WordPress as a platform for your membership site. Why? Because in a couple clicks of a button you can add all sorts of things to your membership to make your users stick and keep retention rates high.

In this 15 minute and 22 second video, I share with you the best free plug-ins, where to find them and how to use them. We cover plug-ins such as:

* A certain WYSIWYG editor that is far superior to the default WordPress editor.
* The best “poll” plug-in to use for your membership site (you can poll your members to see what future content they want!).
* The best calendar plug-in (far better than the default) so you can use that to tease your visitors with upcoming content, improving retention rates!
* A certain plug-in you can use to make a special offer to your best members – those who are most likely to upgrade to a “platinum level” membership (simple but effective).
* A plug-in that will create a “community feel” to your membership site making members more active amongst each other, and much more likely to stay a member of your site.
* A simple plug-in that will embed almost any video, just by typing in 2 words!
* The best ‘contact form’ plug-in to make handling member requests easier.

Remember, all of these plug-ins are free. I just show you where to find them. This is the result of much trial and error on my part until I found the best of the best – which I’m now handing over to you on a silver platter.
Plus You Get 2 PDF Companion Guides!

To reinforce the material, I’ve also taken the information in the video and written it up as a PDF guide which is 17 pages long. You can read through in about 30 minutes. It covers all the important stuff I’ve covered in the videos (you can use this for easy and quick reference!).

The second PDF is your “membership site” action plan. I’ve taken all the information in the video and the reference guide and condensed it into an 8 step action plan. So you’ll know exactly what to do as soon as you go through the material.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.
What Do You Have To Invest?

Only $37.

At $37 it’s a complete steal.

Where else are you going to get someone to show you – in real time, live on video – how to set up a membership site in under 6 minutes using completely free software?

You get all the tricks I’ve come up with from running over 11 successful membership sites. You get my experience and you get my shortcuts that I had to develop from trial and error.

I guarantee you these videos and PDFs will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars than if you were to do it on your own.

That’s why it’s such a bargain at only $37!
Plus You Have My 100% “No Questions
Asked” Money Back Guarantee

Look – I’ve made some pretty bold claims on this page. But I can back them up, so let me put my money where my mouth is. Go ahead and get your hands on this package immediately. Take a full 45 days to profit from it.

If at any time during those 45 days you are unsatisfied for any reason – or no reason at all – just let me know and I’ll promptly return every penny of your investment.

You only stand to gain from this offer.
3 Hot Bonuses To Make This A No Brainer
Bonus #1: Ipod Ready Videos and MP3s

Not only do you get the videos for your computer with this package, but you also get m4v videos. These are “ipod ready videos” that you can load onto your ipod and watch them whenever you want.

You also get the mp3s which you can put on your mp3 player, or burn to a disc and listen to them while you exercise, drive, clean the house or whatever!
Bonus #2: 13 Little Known Conversion Tactics

This is a report I just wrote on June 25th, 2009. It covers 13 simple tweaks you can make to your sales process and marketing funnel to enjoy significant improvements on your “profit per visitor”numbers.

These tactics include:

* 5 Dramatic Demonstrations you can use to make your products do the selling for you.
* Basic vs. Premium Selling – how to position two offers to make one look much, much more attractive (can increase conversion rates by an easy 7 to 13%).
* The secret behind my 22% plus converting sales pages (it combines two persuasion elements together).
* “Selling The Free Gift” – how to get them so excited about the free premium they buy your paid product just to get the bonus.
* The easiest way to get pages of testimonials, and how to use them for maximum impact.
* How to turn your thank you page into an additional profit center.

And more!
Bonus #3 The “Trust Factor” Report


Purchase premium accounts in order to enjoy unlimited downloads with resuming support
***If link dead, please leave a message, we will update immediately***

Justin Brooke – The Traffic Strategist

Justin Brooke – The Traffic Strategist

Out of The Offices of Strategic Profits
21 Secret Sources Of Traffic
“Download This FREE Spreadsheet Before It’s Too Late!”

If website traffic has been elusive to you, it’s not your fault…

Magicians use distraction to show you one thing while they secretly do another behind their back. That’s exactly what the gurus have been doing to you with their traffic strategies.

They’ve been distracting you with dreams of getting 1 cent clicks and only showing you one or two traffic methods at a time. Meanwhile they never tell you how to turn those clicks into sales and they’ve purposely hidden dozens of other methods from you.

They want to keep you on the hook…

Plus, everyone knows they really get their traffic from their big lists and JV partners.

I don’t need to keep you on some kinda hook, I make my money from my clients. That’s why I can share my best traffic strategies with you and they can’t.

You DO NOT have to be a guru to use the 21 traffic sources on this free spreadsheet.

Plus most of the sources are free to use and DO NOT involve having to get on your knees for Google.

Along with the spreadsheet you’ll get a video explaining these 21 traffic sources as well as revealing the stunts all the gurus have used to slow down your success. Now you’ll be able to see through their illusions and finally get the massive traffic you deserve.

Sales Letter:


Purchase premium accounts in order to enjoy unlimited downloads with resuming support
***If link dead, please leave a message, we will update immediately***

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