Jason Klein - The Marine Body

Jason Klein – The Marine Body

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Jason Klein, MS
Master’s of Exercise Science and Performance Enhancement
Former Fitness Instructor, Marine Corps

Fitness author and performance enhancement specialist, Jason Klein here.

It’s obvious that your eyeballs landed this page for a reason…and let me assure you – it may very well be the most important thing you read in 2014.

You might be a little surprised if I told you that were suffering from a little known problem that over 70% of guys unknowingly have.

Don’t worry because right below I teach you exactly how to naturally correct it for good…just like my client, Mark Stephenson did back in 2012.

Mark was a personal training client of mine in 2012 and probably just like you, he had an extremely chaotic life at the time he came to me for help.

And I was lucky that he did come… because he later admitted to me that I was his, “last attempt”, to escape the hell he was living in.
Well you see – before it all happened, Mark was a former Marine Infantryman for 4 years. He decided to get out of the Marines when he and his wife found out they had a baby girl on the way.

With his newfound sense of fatherhood, a loving wife and abundant health, Mark probably couldn’t have been more excited and happy about his life.

On TOP of that, he began his career as a Real Estate Consultant in one of the best locations in the city.

Now, if we just take a moment to fast-forward 4 years down the road to 2012 to where it all changed for the worse…

Mark literally has no time for anything, literally. Aside from being neck deep in work, he has almost no energy for anything outside of Real Estate.

He and his wife are growing apart because of lack of attraction and sexual desire (his doctor blamed it on “low-T”, btw).

They have plenty of money, but aren’t very happy with their lives because both have gained 20 pounds of fat over the past 4 years.

Both started to experience low back and knee pain because of all the sitting and weight gain.

Mark used to be a varsity basketball player and did 4 years in the Marines and there is not a day that goes by that it doesn’t pain him to think about his past.

He remembers exactly how it felt to have vibrant health and energy, to have a ripped body and almost unlimited amount of libido.

Little did Mark know, that it was never meant to be this way. What he didn’t realize is that there are men out there that are able to live with optimal health, energy, and labido up to their dying day.

The question is, how?

Now, I’m about to tell you exactly how to correct the issue that had been taking Mark hostage and destroying his happiness…

But first, we must address the root problem –
Hormone Distress
The dysfunction of hormones that have a direct impact on lean muscle and fat loss.

You see, Matt like most folks out there had not grasped the concept of hormonal health as it relates to getting ‘sexy’ AND strong.
The problem is NOT

Fatty foods
White sugar
High fructose corn syrup
Lack of exercise
All of the above


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