Jason Moffatt - Video Hijacke

Jason Moffatt – Video Hijacke


Video Hijacker is a video-based info product produced by Internet marketer Jason Moffatt. Mr. Moffat is well-known within Internet marketing circles and has a reputation for advanced traffic generation and affiliate sales via video. In his course, Mr. Moffat deals with ways to improve results with affiliate marketing using major video sites such as YouTube.
Video Hijacker Detailed Overview
Using a video as an affiliate marketing tool is still a relatively new phenomenon. Many people are simply not to speed when it comes to creating a video and then using that as a method for driving sales and leads. However, if used correctly, video can be an extremely powerful communication and motivational tool which can help your prospects become excited about your offerings. In Video Hijacker, Jason Moffatt reveals how he is able to generate affiliate sales using video on YouTube without even building a website.
What is Video Hijacker and how does it work?
Video Hijacker is a series of on-demand videos that are part of Jason Moffatt’s membership website. The videos walk even a complete newbie through the process of creating a video on YouTube and then generating affiliate commissions with it. Here are some of the topics that his course covers:
Affiliate jacking – Affiliate jacking is the process of creating a video about the actual affiliate offer or website and then convincing viewers to visit the website after the video has been completed.
Video responses – A little known traffic generation tactic on YouTube is the use of video responses. Mr. Moffat shows how to post a video response on highly viewed videos and then get visitors to come to your YouTube offerings.
Hijack holy grail – Mr. Moffat defines this is the process of locating high traffic videos and then using his strategies to drive viewers straight from them to affiliate offers.
Other tactics include things like celebrity hijacking, obvious hijacking, live hijacking, lazy hijacking, lazier hijacking and empty hijacking. Each of these strategies deals in one way or another with using video to get traffic to either opt in pages or directly to an affiliate offer.
Since the release of the original Video Hijacker course, many things have changed and evolved with video including many changes in YouTube. Mr. Moffat includes an updated version of the original course to reflect some of these more recent changes in technology.
What are the benefits of buying Video Hijacker?
If you are unfamiliar with how to create videos for use on YouTube or elsewhere, then using Mr. Moffat’s simple approach will help you to get going very quickly. Additionally, since he is an Internet marketer himself, he has a very good understanding of the kinds of niches which are successful and does a good job of explaining how to target them.
Additional benefits of buying Video Hijacker include a live support person who is available in five days a week to answer any questions that you might have. Unlike other websites that may have a chat window, Mr. Moffat has gone through the extra expense of hiring a real person who you can see on your screen during business hours.
In closing, if you are an affiliate marketer who is very interested in learning more about how to use video in your Internet marketing efforts, then Jason Moffatt’s Video Hijacker course is something worth checking out. Mr. Moffat offers a full one year or money-back guarantee, so even if you’re not happy with the course, you can request a refund for up to one year from the date of purchase!


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