Jay Cataldo – Limitless Home Study Course

Jay Cataldo – Limitless Home Study Course

COST: $735
Author: Jay Cataldo
Size: 1.3 GB
Website: http://www.jaycataldo.com/limitless/

“Limitless” is the ultimate life coaching course which is designed to remove your limits and help you create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. I’ve compiled the most powerful success secrets I’ve learned over the last 15 years and condensed them into 12 weekly coaching sessions. These step-by-step lessons will have you TAKING ACTION and accomplishing your life goals week after week. I’ve spent an entire year putting this together and I truly believe that “Limitless” is the BEST coaching product on the market today.

“Limitless” Contains 6 Exclusive Modules (Split Into 12 Powerful Weekly Coaching Sessions)

Module I (weeks 1 and 2): Beyond Mirth

In this module you’ll learn the secrets of TRUE happiness as well as…
The 12 major roadblocks to happiness and how to overcome them
Why drugs like anti-depressants often make you MORE depressed
The fallacy of “future happiness”
How to accurately predict how happy you’ll be 5 years from now
A simple secret to increasing happiness while slowing the aging process
Why achieving a major goal can leave a person feeling WORSE than before
A simple trick to make yourself feel instantaneous bliss
Why lottery winners typically report feeling LESS happy after winning
How “The Twilight Zone” will instantly change how you feel about your current job
How to use the way we breathe to ward off sadness and depression
How our parents may be responsible for our lack of happiness and how to turn this all around
Why your level of happiness has NOTHING to do with your life circumstances (a huge revelation!)
The link between happiness and health and how to improve both
The 2 most important vitamins for increasing happiness
How a set of little colored stickers can turn you into the happiest person around

Module II (weeks 3 and 4): Colossal Confidence
Module III (weeks 5 and 6): Clock Control
Module IV: (weeks 7 and 8): Monk-like Discipline
Module V (weeks 9 and 10): Serenity Shield
Module VI (weeks 11 and 12): Mind Makeover


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