Bashful to Badass - Jenean Zunk

Bashful to Badass – Jenean Zunk

How to Live Confident, Fearless and Free

Welcome to the Bashful to Badass Telesummit! I’m Shann Vander Leek here with Jenean Zunk to discuss what you can expect to receive from this free online event.

Bashful to Badass is about helping women who have a vision and a purpose move out of the shadows and step into the light. We all have a dream, but often let self-doubt and fear hold us back from realizing that dream.

Bashful to Badass brings together real-life people who have broken through the fear and mental chatter to create lives they love. They generously share their wisdom, lessons and love to help you step into your dream life as well. Come, join us.

Meet the Badass Speakers

Stephanie McWilliams
Getting Unstuck
Today you will hear Stephanie McWilliams and she is funny, feisty and full of soulful knowledge and she doesn’t mind telling it like it is to help you rock your business and your life.
She shares with us:
• The hidden limiting belief that is really running your life
• What to do when you are in a ‘stuck’ spot
• Why you shouldn’t wait to be happy
• What the Unstoppable Factor is and how you can get it

Allie LeFevere
Building Self-Worth
Today you will hear Allie LeFevere, she is wild, brazen and bold. She shares a deeply true story of overcoming her fear and self- doubt to claim her life…no permission needed.
She shares with us:
• How to take accountability for your life and show up for life on your own terms
• How to build a strong foundation of self- worth and value
• Easy ways to manage your negative self-talk
• Top keys to healthy living

Tamilee Webb
Inside Out Fitness
Today you will hear Tamilee Webb and she rocks because she really brings fitness home and makes it accessible to everyone. She shares her steps to making fitness a part of her lifestyle and how you can too!
She shares with us:
• 2 approaches to fitness Love/Hate or Lifestyle…which one do you take?
• Why attaching feelings to your workout gets the best results
• Fitness begins from the inside out
• The key step you can take to be successful

Cecily MacArthur
Angel Bumps
Today you will hear Cecily MacArthur, she brings in her spiritual insights as well as a very real and humorous story of overcoming her own fear!
She shares with us:
• How to know if you are coming from love instead of fear
• ‘Angel bumps’ what they are and why you want them
• Your fears may not even be yours
• The first step to stop living in fear

Keith Varnum
Principles of Healing
Today you will hear Keith Varnum and he shares the underlying principles of all healing, transformation and success to help you get the love, abundance and body you want.
Today he shares:
• How to develop your personal GPS
• How to clearly understand the messages the Universe is sending
• Why butterflies can transform your fear
• Ways to ‘surrender’ to allow Spirit to assist in creating your dreams
• Why you should ask for ‘clear and undeniable’ signs

Karen Garvey
The Power in Choice
Today you will hear Karen Garvey and she offers a new perspective to allow you to harness your power toward achieving the direction you want.
Today she talks about:
• Are your choices even yours?
• Why brief tagging is a key to success
• How to know it’s time to take the leap
• Why you are attracting what you have

Rhonda Britten
How to Master Fear
Today you will hear Rhonda Britten and she rocks because she has devoted her life to one thing: teaching people how to master fear.
Today she shares:
• What fear is and why we have it
• What are your fear symptoms?
• The 2 simple exercises you can use to master fear today

Shann Vander-Leek
How to Release Anxiety
Today you will hear Shann Vander Leek, she coaches women in transition who are ready to reclaim their feminine sovereignty and transform their precious lives. She guides women through the exploration of self-study, self-care and sacred feminine ritual.
Today she talks about:
How to Clobber Anxiety While Reclaiming Your Feminine Sovereignty
• Challenge is needed for you to transform
• How to manage stress and axiety while going through changes
• The one exercise you can do anywhere to reduce stress
• Why your breath is critical to making the shift

Abiola Abrams
The Power of Love
Today you will hear Abiola Abrams and she helps extraordinary women realize their juiciest lives by tapping into the power of love. For the past 10 years her work has been about women getting to be who we really are. Masks off. No more holding back.
Today she shares:
• Passionate Living: Want it, get it, love it
• Why most american women are living ‘a dry life crisis’
• Why you need to start being SELFISH!
• Create your ‘power hour’

Mary Foley
Be Career Savvy
Today you will hear Mary Foley and she is the creator of the the video program “Keys to Being a Confident, Courageous, Career-Savvy Woman. She rocks because she inspires women by increasing career confidence for busy women like you.
Today she shares:
• Why you are already good enough
• A new definition of confidence
• How to know the time is right
• Make change work for you!

Dr.Maria Church
Leading with Love
Today you will hear Dr.Maria Churchand, she has started a movement to revolutionize the workplace with love.
Today she talks about:
• What does Leading with Love mean?
• Why boundaries are one of the greatest acts of self-love
• 2 Strategies to Move Past Your Fear today!

Kimberley Jones
Turn Your Fear Into Fuel
Today you will hear Kimberley Jones and she rocks because she empowers awakening women to make a difference and make a living just by being themselves.
Today she shares: The Six Step Process to Turn Your Fear into Fuel
• Are you hiding in your ‘Spiritual Closet’?
• Understand why you are hiding from your truth
• Two things about fear you may not know
• Go through the amazing process on the call!

Michelle Barr
Sacred Success
Today you will hear Michelle Barr, she loves to help people create what she calls Sacred Success by offering Powerfully Practical and Spiritually Rich Tools to help you Create A Better Life and A Better Business.
Today she shares:
• Aligning your life and being authentic = Success
• Are you a ‘ledge-leaper’ or a ‘baby stepper’
• Consistency + Support = Success
• Why you should Name Your Fear
• Ensure you have your Vision, Purpose, Why

Nancy Levin
Take the Leap
Today you will hear Nancy Levin, she will help you to face and embrace your fears, create the courage necessary to take the leap toward self-love, and reap the rewards of the unforeseen gifts and opportunities that await you upon landing.
Today she shares: Jump…And Your Life Will Appear!
• Where to find the strength to make changes
• Why your shadow self is the key to your success
• The first step to making BIG change
• Experience vulnerability as a strength not a weakness

Suzanne Hanna
Live Inspired
Today you will hear Suzanne Hanna, she has helped thousands of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more inspired life. Suzanne believes that it is up to the mid-lifers and beyond to come out from the shadows of their own fear, pain and shame in order to be the way showers for the younger generations.
Today she talks about:
• What does it mean to live an inspired life?
• Move into your heart
• Your challenge is your gift
• The point when change happens
• It is in the being witnessed that the healing begins

Lisa Marie Platske
Upside Thinking
Today you will hear Lisa Marie Platske, she helps you leverage who you are – your unique talents, skills, and abilities – so you can gain visibility and be recognized for your brilliance.
Today she shares:
• The question you are asking that is holding you back
• Why being in the moment is the key
• The quick exercise that changes your energy
• How to move through stage fright

Shannon Presson
Untangling Your Money Story
Today you will hear Shannon Presson, she helps clients clear out the inner roadblocks to their success as well as guides them to take practical and grounded action in order to achieve their goals.
Today she shares:
• How your Money story is causing you to not get what you want
• What Money story are you carrying
• How is Your Story Running You?
• Where is your future and is it still or moving?

Nathan Amaral
Be a Fearless Millionaire
Today you will hear Nathan Amaral and he rocks because after achieving remarkable success for himself, he now dedicates his time to showing others how they too can move themselves and their businesses to the top.
Today he shares:
• Create a business from your passion
• The most important key when starting out
• The suprising people you should have as your support team
• Everything you want is only a few conversations away!
• You don’t need resources – you need relationships

Cari Murphy
Live a Leading Edge Lifestyle
Today you will hear Cari Murphy, she empowers millions to Live a Leading Edge Lifestyle by creating their inner worth, outer wealth and optimal health.
Today she talks about:
• Create Your Consciousness Mansion
• Success is created from the Inside Out
• Consistency + Commitment = Momentum
• Practice makes Permanent
• Celebrate your Imperfections

Your Host
Jenean Zunk

My Purpose
I am a possibility addict… I crave opportunity. I live for stripping away the bull-shit to find the core of an issue by questioning everything (and I mean everything)! What this means for you is: I can help you find the opportunity in any situation and then use it to create a life you love. I will walk with you through the darkness and the muck to shine a light on the truth we then use it as a stepping stone to creating a new life…one based on love. I live by the words: Speak your truth, but soothe your words with peace – Neale Donald Walsch It’s no conincidence you have arrived here. Let’s begin.

My Journey
I found I never could quite fit anywhere…the molds were just not right. So I began a search. To find the right place, with the right people and the right job that would allow me to finally feel comfortable. I’ve changed jobs, homes, friends,cities and religions. I’ve faced a brain tumor and won. I have lost moments, love and sometimes it felt like I lost my mind. But…I have gained powerful insights, a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity, and some amazing relationships as well as a strong trust that the Universe always has my back. I’ve personally experienced as well as coached and supported many people through some of the most challenging issues life has to offer and found meaning and purpose in every moment. I love what I do and love even more the people that allow me to do it. My journey in life has led me to you right here, right now…in this moment as you have been led to me. Let’s begin our journey together.

Live Love,

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