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Jeremy Comfort - Effective Presentations

Jeremy Comfort – Effective Presentations

This series of five video-based courses helps to improve language and communication skills in specific business areas.

Key Features

Effective Presentations teaches the skills needed to make clear, well-organized presentations.

Each of the nine free-standing units focuses on a specific area such as structuring the presentation, making a good introduction, and handling questions effectively.

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Unit 1 What is the point?
Communication skills: key features of an effective presentation
Language knowledge: review of time expressions and tenses
Presentation practice: presenting background information

Unit 2 Making a start
Communication skills: making a good introduction
Language knowledge: how to introduce yourself and your talk
Presentation practice: preparing and giving the introduction

Unit 3 Linking the parts
Communication skills: ways of organizing a presentation
Language knowledge: key words and phrases for linking ideas
Presentation practice: signposting the organization of a presentation

Unit 4 The right kind of language
Communication skills: advantages of speaking versus reading
Language knowledge: personal and impersonal language styles
Presentation practice: changing written language to spoken language

Unit 5 Visual aids
Communication skills: making a well-designed and well-presented visual aid
Language knowledge: describing graphs, charts, and trends
Presentation practice: designing and using good visual aids

Unit 6 Body language
Communication skills: the importance of body language
Language knowledge: ways of emphasizing and minimizing your message
Presentation practice: using body language to communicate your message clearly and persuasively

Unit 7 Finishing off
Communication skills: making an effective ending to a presentation
Language knowledge: the language of endings
Presentation practice: ending a presentation

Unit 8 Question time
Communication skills: how to handle questions effectively
Language knowledge: asking and answering questions
Presentation practice: handling questions at the end of a presentation

Unit 9 Putting it all together
Communication skills: how to evaluate the effectiveness of a presentation
Language knowledge: review of delivery techniques and key language
Presentation practice: giving and evaluating a presentation

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