Jim Blythe - Essentials of Marketing 3e [PDF]

Jim Blythe – Essentials of Marketing 3e [PDF]


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From the introduction: Essentials of Marketing…is intended to provide an overview of marketing thought and practice for students new to marketing, for students on short introductory marketing courses, for overseas students who need a plain-English guide, and to anyone who needs a quick grasp of the subject.

The book seeks to avoid a UK-centered viewpoint, and examples are used from throughout the world: where specific technical terms are used, they are explained in the glossary, in direct and straightforward language.

Specific features of this edition are:
* Relevant and up-to-date case studies, all of which are new for this edition.
* Self-test questions designed to aid student learning.
* Up-to-date and full referencing for the more academic student.
* Recommended further reading for each chapter.
* Extended coverage of global marketing theory.
* A fully-rewritten Chapter 12, covering relationship marketing, Internet marketing, marketing ethics, and the changing conceptual position of marketing in the 21st century.

Overall, the book is intended to offer an insight into what marketing is all about: it is written by an enthusiast, a believer in the marketing ethos. Marketing is about facilitating exchange, it is about allowing people the choices to be able to live the kind of lives they would wish for themselves and their families, and itdelivers a standard of living, but above all, marketing is about ensuring that business meets the needs of its customers.

Sadly, despite more than fifty years of marketing thought, many companies still measure their success in financial terms (instead of in customer satisfaction terms), still calculate the profitability of products (rather than the profitability of groups of customers), and still often act as if customers have no choice about where they spend their money. This book is intended to go some way towards showing why (and how) this can be changed.
Table of contents:
List of tables
List of figures
1. What Do Marketers Do?
2. The Marketing Environment
3. Consumer and Buyer Behavior
4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning
5. Market Research
6. Products, branding and packaging
7. Pricing Strategies
8. Disribution
9. Marketing Communications and Promotional Tools
10. Marketing planning, implementation and control
11. International Marketing
12. 21st Century Marketing

Format: PDF
Length: 354 pages
Published: 2005 by Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0273693581

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