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Jim Du Molin - the Wealthy Dentist Maximize Your Marketing

Jim Du Molin – The Wealthy Dentist Maximize Your Marketing

So who is this Wealthy Dentist Marketing Guy?

I’ve been self employed most of my working life. Helping people market their businesses didn’t come as an academic calling, but as a strategy for survival. In 1985, we formed Du Molin & Du Molin, Inc. The first Du Molin on the business card is Suzanne. She is the one with all the credentials: MPA, CPA, CFP, etc., and is the brains of the organization.

We combined personal financial planning with dental practice management and marketing. We started to teach what we’d learned to dentists to help them not just to survive, but to prosper as well. In the past 20 years we’ve had some great success stories.

I’ve always tried to stick to one key principle: emphasize practical strategies and tactics that people can actually use to attract new patients. I also do my best to practice what I preach. My marketing consulting efforts bring me all the business I can handle. My goal is to show you how you can do that as well (without spending a fortune).

I’m always working to stretch the limits of my knowledge and abilities. For instance, I try to read at least one new marketing book every month. I’ve participated in numerous marketing courses and attend other leading-edge marketing seminars and workshops. I give talks on marketing to several dental groups each year, and teach a comprehensive marketing workshop. I like to share my knowledge, and I make it a practice to give away whatever I can.

In September of 1996, Suzanne and I expanded our dental consulting business into The MasterPlan Alliance where we worked intensely with doctors, their spouses and their dental teams. Our focus has always been on helping everyone in the dental practice to achieve personal financial security through solid management systems and highly targeted marketing strategies.

For the past several years I have divided my time between working with doctors (at one time we managed almost 200 practices across the U.S. and Canada) and Internet dental marketing strategies for dentists. As of September 2004, Suzanne and I achieved our own financial planning goals and we retired from the day-to-day dental management and consulting business.

Since then, much of my business has become focused on using the web to offer a wider array of products and services that can help a greater number of dentists stop struggling with marketing and start attracting patients more consistently. And yes, I still do speaking programs and Internet marketing for dentists.

I developed this website and TheWealthyDentist® email newsletter as a way to share the thirty-plus dental management and marketing strategies we have developed and tested over the last 20 years working with some of the greatest and most fantastic people in the world – you the dentists.

I hope you find this site a valuable resource.

The TheWealthyDentist.com office, looking out on the San Francisco Bay.


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