Jim Fleck – Air-conditioning & Heating Course

Jim Fleck – Air-conditioning & Heating Course

From: Jim Fleck

Bartlett, IL

Thursday, 11:23 A.M.

Dear HVAC “Friend”,

Hi, I’m Jim Fleck and as I mentioned in my ad that you answered, I’m a “marketing guy” with a solid background in our business; in fact, my entire family has been around the HVAC and sheet metal business for 45 years. I’ve watched HVAC folks work themselves half to death just to eke out a good living. So I’ve made it a priority to find ….. figure out …. test and prove …. and assemble strategies for easily, efficiently and affordably obtaining more good new customers and accounts than you can handle …. strategies virtually unknown to our industry, so that possessing them gives you a truly unfair advantage over your competitors and lets you make more money than ever before. In fact, my strategies will virtually transform your business.

Of course, I know that’s an outrageous promise, but I’m prepared to back it up. If you’ll take the time to read this letter in its entirety, I think you’ll see that I do know what I’m talking about.

How To Get More Really Good Customers In A Month Than You Now Get All Year – With Half The Effort, For Twice The Profit

You presumably answered my ad for one or more of these reasons:

1. You are frustrated, unhappy, maybe even disgusted with how little take-home money you get from your business

2. You are working harder than ever, but have less to show for it

3. Competition has increased and, frankly, you’re not sure what to do about it

4. You detest “cheapest price” competition and would prefer to promote your services differently

5. You do an outstanding “technical” job, but you admit you lack the know-how to effectively advertise, market and sell your services

6. You are concerned that you have to worry about “where the next job is coming from” just to pay bills …. your business may have grown, there may even be more income, but it’s still not translating into wealth and security for you and your family

7. You would be thrilled to do less work, especially less hard work, but make more money

8. You can see the value of your business actually declining – when you want to sell, will you be able to?

Well, if you’d like to know “the secret” to all of that, it starts with this realization: Being good is no longer good enough. In today’s market, it’s not how much you know about installing or servicing heating and cooling equipment that determines your income. It is how effective you are at marketing those services that determines the balance in your bank account. You may feel that’s not fair or not the way it should be. You can fight it (and maybe go broke). Or you can embrace this as opportunity, and take steps to become as good at marketing what you do, as you are at doing it.

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