Jody Jelas – Online TV Pro – 6 Week step by step course to create and profit from your own online TV show

Jody Jelas - Online TV Pro - 6 Week step by step course to create and profit from your own online TV show

Jody Jelas – Online TV Pro – 6 Week step by step course to create and profit from your own online TV show


The Complete System To Create & Profit From Your Own Online TV Show & Build Global Authority…

This 6 week training will have you create your own online TV show, build a celebrity-like following and monetize your passion!

  • Get Clarity And A Plan On How You Will Make Money From Your Online TV Show.
  • Discover How To Set Up A Simple Effective Video Studio, And A Professional Studio, Under Your Own Roof.
  • Learn How To Create And Structure Content To Have Your Audience Begging For More.
  • Attract A Flood Of Your Ideal Audience Using The 8 Proven Traffic Getting Strategies.

ONLINE TV PRO is a system to help you create authority and build a loyal following. It’s a platform to catapult your message to the world and monetize that platform to create leveraged income for you, giving you more free time to have more fun!

During this 6 week program we’ll lead you step by step through everything you need to design, plan and create your show. We’ll guide you through defining your brand, and choose how you would like to monetize your show, while staying in your flow.

You’ll also learn how to get as much exposure as possible so that you can have your message reach more people.

You’ll discover the strategies to create magnetic content and how to drive a constant stream of traffic to your online TV show.


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Starting with the end in mind, we help you get clear on the purpose of your TV Show. Is it to get speaking gigs, selling online, build a tribe? There are many options. We’ll then help you create your brand with tools and templates to you have all your brand assets ready to launch. We’ll also clear the fears that hold you back from being on camera so you can get your message out to the world with confidence.


You’ll be able to choose from two types of studio set up. The “MacGyver Studio” using your existing resources such as your cellphone and what you have around your home. The second option is the complete professional home studio. We’ll take you through mic and lighting options, teleprompter solutions and detailed checklists for before, during and after filming, so you can avoid mistakes and get your filming done faster.


In this module you’ll be choosing what type of show you will be doing and how it will be delivered. Will it be interview style, TV show style with you as the focus (like Oprah)? We’ll be covering how to build the platform you will deliver your show from. You’ll get the steps to creating your own WordPress website in just a couple of hours, including the best plugins to get your videos viral and have your audience do most the work for you!


Content is ALWAYS king! You’ll learn how to structure your TV episodes to keep your audience watching to the end and wanting more. You’ll discover strategies for coming up with creative content ideas, that your audience actually wants, and download your production schedule to create your videos in the shortest amount of time. We’ll also cover your call to action, to have your audience become paying customers.


Without traffic your TV show is like a shop in the desert, so we have to let the world know that it’s there and get it in front of your target audience. You’ll learn traffic driving strategies that suit you audience, check lists so you take advantage of every opportunity, and even be able to download email template layouts to send your videos to your list. There will even be simple Facebook and Twitter Ad strategies you can follow too.


Whether you are wanting to sell a high ticket offer, a low ticket program, get more speaking gigs or just build an audience to sell other peoples services as an affiliate… there are sales funnel strategies in this module to show you how. We’ll even share 15 product ideas that you can copy to create your own online product to sell from your show right away.

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