[b]Joe Sugarman – Triggers [PDF][/b]

If you have ever heard of Joe Sugarman, you don’t need to read any further. This is a must have for writing great copy.

Joe Sugarman – Triggers
89 pages

29 Psychological Triggers you can use in your marketing, sales and copywriting.

This book is highly recommended by top marketers and copywriters.

If you can use all of these in your communications – you will get results like you can’t imagine. It’s almost scary.

Triggers include how to use:
1. Consistency
2. Product nature
3. Prospect nature
4. Objection raising
5. Objection resolution
6. Involvement and Ownership (BIG one, especially in copywriting – quizes, lumpy mail etc)
7. Integrity
8. Storytelling (Stories are one of the two most powerful persuaders known to man, next to Questions)
9. Authority
10. Proof of value
11. Emotion
12. Justify with logic
13. Greed
14. Credibility
15. Satisfaction conviction
16. Desire to belong
17. Desire to collect
18. Sense of urgency
19. Exclusivity
20. Simplicity
21. Guilt
22. Specificity
23. Familiarity
24. Patterning
25. Hope
26. Curiosity
27. Harmonize
28. Mental Engagement
29. Honesty



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