John Assaraf – The Complete Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Success System

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Product Description:

The Winning The Game of Weight Loss Product is designed to Retrain Your Brain by utilizing the latest evidence based technologies and methodologies from Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology. The Winning The Game of Weight Loss product was developed by a group of world renowned scientists, recognized experts, and business leaders whose purpose in life is to educate the world about the untapped power of the human brain. Individual results may vary.

Winning The Game Of Weight Loss 12 Level Brain Retraining System
(Value: $997)

–    Rescript and Reshape your body and self-image to be more empowered than ever.
–    Recognize and Release the triggers, stories and excuses that are keeping you stuck at your  current weight.
–    Reset and Recalibrate your inner weight set point so you can lose the weight you want off and  keep it off.

Inside this amazing audio training library, you’ll receive access to:

–    Winning from the Inside Out
–    The Keys to Winning the Weight Loss Game
–    Letting Go of your Fears
–    Building Your Mental Weight Loss Muscle
–    Releasing your Stories and Excuses
–    Self Love and Acceptance
–    Mastering your Emotions
–    Power Declarations and Emotional Anchoring
–    Triumph over Temptations
–    Power Affirmations and New Beliefs Integration
–    Victory for Life
–    Super Mix Integration

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