John King – ETR – The Magic Button

John King – ETR – The Magic Button

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Author: John King
Size: 14.8 GB

Exposed: The Dirty Little Secret the Internet Elite Tried to Hide!
“If YOU Pushed a Single Button and Cash Automatically Filled Your Bank Account,
When Would You Stop Using it!?”

When you were making $400,000 a year?…
Or when your business hit $6 million a year?…
How about $10 million in twelve months?!!!

Yes, it’s for real. They just didn’t tell you how to do it.

NOW the missing piece of the internet-riches jigsaw is YOURS!
At last, your dream could become a reality with these 3 simple steps…

1. Get other people to put up a website which offers free information to visitors by email subscription. Use other peoples’ information (legally) to send your subscribers.
2. Piggy-back on other peoples’ websites to get email subscribers for your website.
3. Use other peoples’ products and sales material to fill your bank account at the push of a button!

So I’ve put everything you need to take these steps in a concise and comprehensive kit appropriate called The Magic Button.

You just sit back and watch 6 powerful DVDs along with the simple instruction manual included. Then, when you’re ready, a couple of phone calls and half a day of preparation later and your very own magic button could materialize!

Granted, at first your magic button might start churning out just a ‘little’ – say, a few hundred dollars each day.

Now, that may not sound like much, but if you make $250 a day it equates to over 7 grand a month!!!

And the truth is that the sky is the limit once you learn how “they” are doing it.

One man I know took his interest in martial arts and turned it into a fast-growing $6 million business. Another associate, once a door-to-door salesman, now owns a $10 million business based almost entirely on “The Magic Button”. Then there’s a third who’s built a $400,000 a year income from this method!

Wouldn’t that be great?!

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