John Truby – Truby’s Great Screenwriting Class DVD

John Truby – Truby’s Great Screenwriting Class DVD

John Truby – Truby’s Great Screenwriting Class DVD

Name Product: John Truby – Truby’s Great Screenwriting Class DVD
Size: 4.1 GB
COST: $179= Your Free
Author: John Truby
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Truby’s Great Screenwriting course has trained the writers, directors, or producers of Shrek, Planet of the Apes, Flamingo Rising, The Negotiator, Inspector Gadget, Outbreak, Sleepless in Seattle, The Addams Family, Beetlejuice, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Back to School, Rambling Rose, Star Wars and many more. How about you?

Key point: top professionals use fundamentally different tools than amateur writers. These techniques include everything from grand story strategy to scene sequencing to setting up and paying off scene patterns to blending dialogue.

Yet most books and courses on screenwriting in today’s market teach a simple one-size-fits-all approach useful only by beginners. Isn’t it time you abandon obsolete script theories and step up to the professional ranks?

This course will teach you literally hundreds of professional techniques that will allow you to compete with the best. This flagship class of the Truby’s Writers Studio, taken by over 20,000 students worldwide, wins awards year after year as the best writing class in America. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to master your craft.

DVD runs 8 hours.


* 22 Building Blocks of every great script
* 3 Variations to classic structure and how to tell which is right for you
* 7 steps to a great premise
* 4 requirements of a good hero
* 5 major character changes
* 4 keys to the perfect opponent
* The secret to creating a strong middle
* Building the reveals
* How to write 3-track dialogue
* Secrets of building the scene


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