[b]Johnathan Parker – Build A Winning Self Image Volume I [16 MP3s @ 320 + 2 image files] NEW RIPS[/b]

tape 1. Discover new freedom
tape 2. Releasing your inner power
tape 3. Investing in yourself
tape 4. Create your new winning self-image
tape 5. Attaining excellence
tape 6. Tapping your vast gold mine within
tape 7. Feeling great
tape 8. Unleashing the new you

Create the Life You’ve Dreamed of
Improving Your Self Image: The Key to Everything

It may come as a surprise, but how you feel about yourself in the deepest part of your being—your self-image—is the greatest force in your life! It determines everything about your: your job, your financial condition, your physical well-being, your relationships, even the neighborhood you live in.

Virtually all of us have had to combat a negative self-image. It can make it almost impossible of you to get ahead in life and be happy and fulfilled, no matter how much ability or potential you have and no matter how hard you try.

The Blue Print of Your Life

To better understand how your self-image influences your life, think of it as a blueprint. Just as a building is a direct reflection of a plan or blue-print designed by an architect, before it was built, your life today is the way it is because of a blue-print that was created years ago in your subconscious mind by the ideas and beliefs you absorbed from your environment and those around you.

To Change Your Life, Change Your Self-Image

If you want to improve your life, you must get in touch with your self-image—that controlling force which can be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy. You must eliminate any negative pictures you have of yourself from the blueprint in your subconscious, and replace them with totally positive beliefs.

In the past, improving the self-image in the subconscious mind has been beyond the control of most people. But now, with the help of this program, you can change your self-image, and in doing so, start building a life of happiness, radiant health, and good fortune, rather than settling for a life of disappointment, difficulties, and frustration.



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