Jon Benson – 3X VSL Formula

Jon Benson – 3X VSL Formula

The folks who saw the VSL Sales Video at the Dan Kennedy Summit rushed to buy this product by Jon. Jon Benson also Co-Created 3x Conversion Formula with David Bass, it’s an amazing product for email marketing. Jon has worked with many of the top internet earners/marketers today including Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Joe Polish, Andy Jenkins, Mike Geary, and other folks.
His VSL Formula has generated over $100,000,000 in revenue. Likely more because it’s hard to keep track of everyone.
He helps Mike Geary (The Truth About Abs) Generate over $1,000,000 a month. He created his Video Sale Letters, to both men and women. Watch the video here (It’s amazing and made me want to buy the product):
Overall, Jon Benson is one of the GO TO GUYs for the “big guys” and that says a lot for the quality of stuff. Watch the webinar here, and you’ll see what I mean, his sales tactics… Make you, URGE you to want to buy it.

This is just from in website screencapture inside the webinar video.
Each Section Includes 4 things:
Section 1 The USB Factory
Videos Tutorials:
Creating a Winning USB
Bonus: Live Q&A on USB Factory
Bonus: USP Follow Up Q&A (Plus Overall Q&A)

Section 2 The 1-2-3 Formula
Video Tutorials:
1-2-3-Formula: 2 Stories The Nightmare Story
1-2-3-Formula: 2 Stories The Dream Story
1-2-3-Formula: 3 Tips, Part 1
1-2-3-Formula: 3 Tips, Part 2
1-2-3-Formula: 4 Comparisions
The 3x VSL Toolbox
Bonus: Nightmare Story Live Q&A
Bonus: Dream Story Live Q&A (Plus Overall Q&A)
Bonus: 3 Tips Live Q & A Part 1
Bonus: 3 Tips Live Q & A Part 2
Bonus: Live Case Studies

Section 3 The 5 Step VSL Process
Video Tutorials:
Step 1: The Snap Suggestion Part 1
Step 1: The Snap Suggestion Part 2
Bonus Section The Connection Zone



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