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Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson – Futuristic Marketing


Futuristic Marketing Coaching Program from Jonathan Budd, and Mark Hoverson Set to Change Internet Marketing Space. The Future of Internet Marketing is here as Jonathan Budd, and Mark Hoverson come together to form a unique Futuristic Marketing Coaching Program that allows online marketing enthusiasts a scale of where they stand, and what it takes to become a true success story.
Futuristic Marketing by Jonathan Budd, and Mark Hoverson is an internet-based mentoring, and coaching program designed to help anyone from novice to experienced develop a real presence, and audience no matter what is trying to be accomplished.
On July 16th the internet marketing world had their eyes wide open as Jonathan Budd, and Mark Hoverson unveiled their launch of Futuristic Marketing.
Budd, and Hoverson have joined forces to bring to internet, and network marketers one of the most anticipated launches of 2012.
According to the Official Futuristic Marketing Website, this new launch promises to be the wave of the future in the marketing world by providing new and innovated marketing techniques and strategies.
Who are Jonathan Budd, and Mark Hoverson
In the Internet and Network Marketing world, there are only a few names that everyone should know that can completely change a company’s growth rate and overall amount of exposure just by them joining the company.
Jonathan Budd, and Mark Hoverson are two names that are on that list. They have such a strong following to any company that they can help change a company’s success rate overnight.
Futuristic Marketing Coaching Program
Futuristic Marketing consists of a four part free video series that will help marketers of all levels change the way they do business, and think about themselves. The videos will launch on separate days during the week of July 16th through July 23rd.
The first video is called The Marketers Test,” which is a short quiz that will give insight on three distinctive areas and skills which as a marketer focus on; mindset, traffic and conversion skills.
According to Budd, if there is a weakness any of those three skill sets, then it could be potentially holding a person back from being an elite marketing entrepreneur.
Along with the Marketers Test, Budd and Hoverson have provided three other free videos that are just a glimpse of the actual sixteen video modules inside Futuristic Marketing coaching program.
Listed below are two of the other free videos as well as what is covered in the coaching program.
Futuristic Marketing Program
According to Mr. Jonathan Budd, Futuristic Marketing coaching program allows hopeful internet marketers to build the audience of a lifetime and to be able to influence them into taking action.”
The coaching program is only open for sale from Wednesday July 25th until the cart closes down on Wednesday August 1st.
Futuristic Influence
Futuristic Influence” is the title of the third free video, and is also the name of the other 8 video modules in the Futuristic Marketing coaching program. In this video series Budd, and Hoverson teach students how to influence the buyer into making a decision or taking an action on the website.
Hoverson explains that bringing in a lot of traffic is great, but not getting them to buy or take action is essentially wasting a lot of opportunities. In the video series, Budd interviews marketers who are generating multi-million dollar a year businesses by being able to draw in traffic and get them to take an action.
They have also paired these videos with what many are calling a revolutionary Facebook application called Futuristic Influence Machine.
Futuristic Influence Machine is an all in one program inside of Facebook that will provide marketers the ability to hold webinars as well as the ability to have the whole sales funnel inside Facebook.
Futuristic Traffic
The second free video called Futuristic Traffic” is all about being able to bring in new traffic to a blog or website on a daily basis. Budd, and Hoverson go over marketing strategies that are being used by some of the best, and most successful marketers today.
Inside the Futuristic Marketing coaching program Budd, and Hoverson have created an 8 module video series to teach, and train marketers how the elite marketers are currently pulling in traffic from all over.
Budd also came up with a Facebook application called Facebook Lead Accelerator,” that will help students get more traffic through Facebook.

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