Jordan & AJ Harbinger - Social Capital Networking Intensive

Jordan & AJ Harbinger – Social Capital Networking Intensive

What if I Told You That You Would Have a Higher Value Social Circle, Massive Opportunities in Your Lap, And a More Epic Life in Just 8 Weeks?

Three Benefits of the High-Value Social Circle You Will Have After Completing
this Intensive Program:

  • 1Having a flawless strategy for approaching new people and a format for directing conversations, so you confidently build ties with people of value… no matter what level of experience you have.
  • 2Discovering how to position yourself so that people will want to connect with YOU before you even have to approach them.
  • 3Transforming yourself into a higher-level master at building the social circle of your choosing while having influence and respect as a person of massive value.

What is Social Capital?

Dr. Isaac Jones

Dr. Smith

Why does Dr. Isaac Jones (a super entrepreneurial doctor) have more influence, sell more, get paid to travel the planet to teach doctors how to build successful practices, and have literally hundreds of people each week trying to get consults from Dr. Isaac? While most doctors like Dr. Smith are wishing they had more clients…

The answer is his social capital. Dr. Smith is perceived as a family doctor, and Dr. Isaac Jones is perceived as a doctor that has worked with top athletes, entrepreneurs, and famous celebrities.

People look to Dr. Isaac Jones as someone that must know more about health and wellness than other doctors, based on how many people choose him over their primary care doctors – amazing right?

Dr. Isaac invested in building his value to others from the beginning. He is the perfect example of someone that not only mastered his skillset (in health and wellness) but also in his value to others through special actions like we’ll show you below.

Social capital development is the one way that you’ll have more confidence in building relationships, having more opportunities coming to you, and living a more fulfilled life because you’re not struggling so much to be relevant.

What would you have if you had the same social capital as Dr. Isaac Jones, but in your personal life and work field?

After seeing so many people struggle to “find their group,” gain confidence and land major life opportunities, this Intensive mentoring project was a “must” to develop.


The Social Capital Networking Intensive

Here’s your personal guide to having an incredible skill set for building a strong social circle and providing value to those in your life like never before.

* disclaimer:

After you complete the Social Capital Networking Intensive, you’re going to develop the skills and confidence to walk into any room and walk out with a pocketful of business cards.

You’re going to strengthen your value as a person by forming bonds with people who will help enhance your quality of life by guiding you to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.


Social Capital Networking Intensive

  • It’s an easy-to-follow, 8-unit Intensive delivered over ten weeks.
  • The Intensive is an online program that is accessible anywhere.
  • It includes 32 training sessions and bi-weekly exclusive question-and-answer audio sessions.
  • Each session includes video and audio training, as well as workbooks to ensure that all aspects of the Intensive are covered, helping you master these epic systems.
  • Training materials are easy, simple downloads.

No Experience Required.

We’ll transform you into a more Incredible Person of Value.

* disclaimer

If you’re willing to open your mind to the possibility of increasing the value of your personal or professional brand on a global scale…

If you’re interested in working with incredible people who deliver results and inspire you to be more…(And who introduce you to their more successful, high-profile friends…)

Then this is the Intensive for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve struggled with making a lasting first impression. It’s okay if you’ve had a hard time finding how to be high-profile. You can be sure you will be more than you are today. You’re about to learn what it takes to transform your current self into that person of extreme value.

Module #1

Social Capital Strategy

  • How to represent yourself to your current inner circle.

  • You’ll get our Foundations of Networking step-by-step process for developing the skills to strengthen and maintain relationships.

  • You’ll learn how to understand and keep track of the value of our 2-way bonds with important people.

  • You’ll learn how to be a great relationship-builder instead of a “networker”.

  • You’ll see how to build your social capital asset by creating and delivering what’s valuable to others – and realize how that gives your life more essential power.

Module #2

The Four Essential Mindsets

  • You’ll learn how to abandon Me-based thoughts by avoiding questions like, “What will this person do for me?”

  • You’ll discover the right questions to ask at exclusive, high-profile events.

  • You’ll figure out how to tap into your confidence by introducing other people to each other using our double opt-in strategy.

  • You’ll receive our guide for taking inventory of the best qualities you have in engaging others – and how to activate them every time.

  • You’ll gain an important way of thinking about how to communicate.

  • You’ll see how to engage with high-profile people in a way that feels good.

Module #3

How to Meet People

  • You will learn creative ways to follow up with important contacts in a way that forms lasting alliances.

  • You will to utilize the abilities to create new and exciting connections with higher-quality people.

  • You will take a higher leadership position in the eyes of these new people of value.

  • You will get our guide for integrating what you love about your top influencers’ approaches to life into your own.

  • You’ll have more of what it takes to connect with people and demonstrate killer listening and communication skills.

Module #4

Creating a Network Strategy

  • You’ll learn how to develop your ambition into a strategy that help you achieve your goals in life. Anything that’s kept you back won’t any longer.

  • We’ll show you how to integrate your new abilities into your daily and weekly schedule.

  • You’ll find your “ideal interaction lifestyle” by taking inventory of your strongest qualities and then seeing how to highlight them in every introduction.

  • You will learn more ways to seize opportunities without coming off as needy.

Module #5

How To Care For and Maintain Your Network

  • You’ll learn how to connect deeply with your network every year, without total overwhelm.

  • You’ll learn how to sustain rapport over time with your following.

  • You’ll learn how to make the most impact with your daily, weekly, and monthly online engagement.

Module #6

How To Fix Networking Pitfalls

  • You’ll learn the different ways your relationships can go downhill and how to prevent them from happening.

  • You will learn about human bias and how you may be damaging your network without even knowing it.

  • You’ll learn by hearing how the most successful relationship-builders get themselves out of the most intimidating high-profile individual problems.

  • You’ll be utterly and completely clear on how to fix pitfalls in the future.

Module #7

How to Make High-Profile Friends

  • You’ll learn how to work on yourself to become someone that high profile people love to have around.

  • You’ll take everything you’ve learned from Modules 1-6 and add icing on the cake with the things that you’ll need to add for it all to work effectively.

  • You’ll be shown how to use the Social Capital Strategy you’ve learned to find, contact, and develop relationships without being inauthentic.

Module #8

How to Get a World-Class Mentor

  • You’ll be taught how to find a mentor the Art-of-Charm way, and how to follow the steps to gain enough value to be worth a damn to a great mentor.

  • You’ll learn how to engage once you’ve met your future mentor.

  • You’ll see how to make an inventory of current events, topics, etc. that you could mention in conversation with your mentor.

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