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Josh Anderson Transparent Video

Josh Anderson Transparent Video


To make my discovery I tested thousands of dollars worth of software, called, emailed, and private messaged piles of programmers, developers, business owners, and video producers, poured through help files, forums, articles, tutorials, etc and all I came up with was a clue hinting at a line of code and a realization that I had the tools to do it if I could just figure it out.

Honestly, it really should not have taken me that long to discover and I cannot tell you why it was so hard. I also cannot explain why the very software that I use to create the transparent video effect does not have instructions on it in their help files nor does it provide the code necessary to make it work. These are things that are known by the true experts, flash developers, and high end web site media producers but just not shared in plain english.

One day I stumbled upon a good part of the answer but the way that developer made it work required a totally flash based web page. Most people do not know how to program in flash and flash based sites suck for search engines so I definitely needed to find a way to embed my effect and make it happen on an html based site.

Even after I finally figured out the transparent video effect and how to embed it on a page I still needed to find some transparent pop-in software that would help me create the advanced effect I wanted.

I found software that looked like it might help me achieve that effect and contacted the owner. It took he and I an additional couple days of emails back and forth before he discovered the little tweak and line of code needed to make it all work which he gave to me.

He was pretty excited too because he immediately saw the value that my transparent video effect combined with his invisible pop-in and the small tweak we came up with to make it all work would provide to his clients.
“How much is this knowledge worth?”
Example #1

What I am going to share with you is the key technology that drives the business model of www.LiveFaceOnWeb.com they charge almost $300 for just 15 seconds of video and up to $3,000 for a couple minutes of video.

Example #2

It is also the key to producing transparent video that can be used with Transparent Player Our Ground Breaking direct response, web-video technology. This same technology has been used by our clients to deliver hundreds of millions of transparent video views across the web.
Example #3

Armand Morin paid thousands of dollars to one company to simulate this “walk on” effect in just one video for his Big Seminar sales letter a couple years back. The company then proceeded to take him to the cleaners and charge him even more in over priced bandwidth fees for the play his video.

This is what inspired Armand to learn how to simulate this effect himself the next year in his big seminar header. It also inspired his partner Rick and himself to simulate the transparent video effect to create “white background” videos that make the person look like they are sitting on the web page. itself when they speak using nothing more than an over lit (overexposed) white background.

Discover EVERYTHING You Need to Know in One Place to Create the Transparent Flash Video Effect.
This information will open floods of ideas in your mind enabling you to create all the variations and cool effects of the “Greatest Web Video Effect” that you can dream of.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Number One

I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction or You Get Your Money Back.

If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with your purchase just let me know within 30 days and I will refund your money.

Plain and Simple.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Number Two

You won’t find any filler of fluff in this package. I will give you everything you need to know to create the Greatest Web Video Effect Ever.
“So Josh, can you make the deal any sweeter than it already is? How about some bonuses?”

Ok since you asked for them here are a couple bonuses:

Bonus #1

13 comprehensive step by step training videos on audio editing, music mixing, and layering showing you how to create killer web site audio tracks and background music layers with Audacity (the best free audio editing software available). Click here to listen to an example of the kind of audio you will be able to learn how to produce.

Bonus #2

For those of you who just want someone to encode chromakey (green or blue screen) videos that you have filmed and provide you the code to embed transparent videos and pop-in effects in your web site I will offer a limited discount service. As my schedule permits you can pay me to get the job done for you or a client at a severe discount.
Are you are ready to find out everything you need to know in order to be able to create the greatest web video effect ever?

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