Juliet Turalski – Heal Your Relationship with Money

Juliet Turalski – Heal Your Relationship with Money

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Author: Juliet Turalski


21 days to create a new habit that will allow you to profit BIG & never feel stressed or overwhelemed about money again

We live in a financially driven world, but instead of feeling empowered by money you’ve been in survival mode and feel

more overwhelmed about it than anything else.

The thing is, most of us have such a negative mindset about money that the extrinsic motivation of money diminishes our

intrinsic motivation to do what we love to do.

No matter how much money you have in the bank, you can’t seem to shake the feeling of anxiety, shame, or guilt when it

comes to the subject.

Why stay stuck and experience anxiety with money when you can feel good and excited about it AND trust it to support you

in doing the work you love to do?

This very question is why I’ve created this program. It is an easily accessible, 2 minute-a day on-the-go guided

meditation series that is absolutely ideal if you’re ready to open yourself up to receiving a whoooole lot more money and

living your life in an authentic and empowering way!

No matter what stage of business and life you’re in, having a solid relationship with money – one that you love and feel

truly supported by – is pivotal for any one who desires to create significant impact in your life, the lives of your

clients, and the world.



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