Justin Brooke - Agency Sales Mastery: For Marketing Service Providers

Justin Brooke – Agency Sales Mastery: For Marketing Service Providers

What Is Agency Sales Mastery?

This is a 3 hour digital training for marketing service providers. Designed for people who are not good at or hate selling, but works amazing for sales pros also.

It teaches a complete system for getting more clients and charging premium prices. And doing it WITHOUT high pressure sales tactics.

This is a course for ethical service providers who just need a good system for getting more clients. Armed with the methods in this course you will finally be able to compete with the shady unethical guys, but doing so in an honest ethical way.

The methods taught in this course are the same strategies that Fortune 500 companies use to improve their employees abilities to systematically grow their sales and revenue.

You will gain the tools, processes, and systems needed to attract better prospects and close larger clients. And I guarantee it or your money back.

It’s a beginning to end sales system for selling marketing related services at $5,000+ even $10,000+ per client. Including everything you need to know for generating more leads, closing more sales, and raising your prices.

What’s Inside The Course?

Video 1: The Foundation of Every Successful Agency

  • Discover how to claim your “turf” and start attracting exactly the type of clients you want
  • Downloadable worksheet with questions that help you flush out your ideal client
  • The #1 mistake marketing service sellers make that causes them to attract bad cheap clients
  • Laying the foundation to becoming the hunted instead of the hunter

Video 2: Mastering The Marketing Agency Funnel

  • The secret to filtering out tire kickers who can’t afford high prices (and are a general pain in the ass!)
  • Why normal list building like IM gurus use WON’T be good for your marketing agency
  • Create a funnel that automates the process of getting clients calling you
  • What things you should have on your website and what things you never should have
  • How to warm up cold prospects so that they are ready-to-buy when they call you

Video 3: Mastering The Sales Pipeline

  • How to have less leads, but more sales (even if you hate “sales” or “selling”)
  • Remove the revenue roller coaster of high revenue months and low revenue months
  • Create a systematic process for keeping a steady stream of new clients coming onboard
  • Learn how to track your sales process so that you know how long it takes from prospect to new client
  • The 4 most important metrics YOU MUST TRACK if you want to have a thriving marketing agency
  • Discover a tool used by top sales companies in the world for improving your close rate
  • What to do if your closing ratio is low and how to fix it
  • What to do if you’re starting with zero leads and zero prospects
  • How to decipher the difference between a prospect, lead, and sales qualified lead and why you NEVER want to get on the phone with a “prospect.”
  • Use the tools and systems in this lesson to start growing your own sales team with a plug-and-play set of tools that keep your whole team in sync and meeting their sales goals

Video 4: Mastering The Prospecting Phase

  • How to start from zero and build a list of a minimum 100 prospects that you can start selling to
  • Discover a method for automating part of your prospecting process so that they are coming to you
  • The 1 strategy that helped me build my agency to 7 figures the most
  • What tools you can use to learn more about your prospects so you can rank them by opportunity size
  • The worst tactic you could ever use when prospecting and why you should avoid it at all cost
  • How to use social networks to prospect new potential clients
  • The stealth secret to making prospects you find on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn feel like they are hunting YOU
  • A low cost direct mail trick I used to get some of my first big clients
  • Tools and resources you can use to find lots of prospects and their contact information
  • What “bulky mail” means and why it’s possibly the greatest prospecting tactic ever used
  • Why you should NEVER sell your services to prospects and what you should do first
  • How to do cold email the right aka legal way so that you’re not spamming people
  • The biggest mistake I see everyone making with cold email
  • How to automate your prospecting if you don’t have time for it yourself
  • What to do if you have zero budget for prospecting
  • What if no one replies to any of your prospecting messages and how to remedy that
  • What if your prospects don’t buy anything and the steps to fix that

Video 5: Mastering The First Call

  • Discover what a 2-step sales process means and why it’s best for non-salesy people and high ticket sales
  • Why having a 2-step sales process actually helps you close more customers
  • Why you shouldn’t “sell” on the first call and what you should do (word for word) instead
  • How to remove the sales pressure on the first call so you can have an open casual conversation
  • The secret to setting up the second call for an easy no pressure close
  • Why fortune 500 companies rely on this method the most
  • The 5 step process you should use during the first call and exactly what you should say
  • How to make it sound like you’re not following a script and taking notes
  • Download a sample call so you can hear what a good first call actually sounds like
  • The sneaky questions you should ask and answers you should listen for that will help you close the customer on the 2nd call
  • The audit trick and how it helps you increase your fee while adding more value
  • The #1 question you should ask that gets the customer to tell you exactly what to sell them
  • How to identify unqualified prospects quickly so you don’t even waste time trying to close them
  • How to end the call with a take away so that your second call is an easy lay down sale
  • 5 steps you should take immediately after the first call to increase your close rate

Video 6: Mastering The Pitch & Close

  • Turn your pitch into a systemized presentation so that anyone can become your closer
  • Eliminate conversion killing mistakes while delivering the best possible pitch every time
  • Turn the conversation away from buying services to buying results
  • How to deliver a good pitch and why you should always use powerpoint slides when pitching – EVEN if you’re a pro, but especially if you’re not “salesy”
  • Showing the other person on the line how much value you will be delivering so that your BIGGER price looks like a great deal
  • The secret to making your client feel confident that they will get the results they want by hiring you
  • How to pitch larger prices without stuttering or sounding like YOU think your price is expensive
  • How to get the clients to commit to a minimum of 3 months instead of begging them to try you out for 1 month
  • The stealth close that doesn’t sound like a close, but clients can’t help but agree too (exact wording provided)
  • The “Do I Have The Goal Correct” setup which makes it nearly impossible for the client to not hire you
  • Backup closing phrases just in case the first close doesn’t work and how to keep the conversation going
  • How to end the call with a commitment lock so that they don’t change their mind after they hang up
  • Download a sample call so you can hear how a good pitch and close sounds

Price: $249
You Just Pay: $47
Sale Page: https://gumroad.com/l/agency-sales#

Get this course at here: http://tutspecialoffer.com/product/justin-brooke-agency-sales-mastery-for-marketing-service-providers/

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