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Kelby Training - The Business Side of Photography

Kelby Training – The Business Side of Photography

In this class, Rick shares his approach to this all-important side of photography, answering questions (interview style) from his workshop students and NAPP. And he should know! He spends more time on the business side of photography than taking pictures.

Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Overview and Best Photography Tip (Duration 03:56)

This question and answer session between Rick and Deborah will cover the common questions asked by viewers and NAPP members

Lesson 2: How Do You Find the Time? (Duration 05:39)
Lesson 3: How Much Time to Spend on the Business Side of Photography (Duration 03:31)
Lesson 4: Sponsorship (Duration 02:26)
Lesson 5: Web Sites Are Very Important (Duration 04:25)
Lesson 6: Biggest Challenges on the Business Side (Duration 05:29)
Lesson 7: The Future and Using Releases (Duration 04:18)
Lesson 8: Making a Name for Yourself (Duration 05:26)
Lesson 9: Exhibit Your Work (Duration 03:52)
Lesson 10: Marketing Your Product (Duration 04:46)
Lesson 11: Computer Equipment (Duration 02:47)

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