Ken McGaffin & Eric Ward - Link Building Post-Panda

Ken McGaffin & Eric Ward – Link Building Post-Panda

1. Panda and Onwards: If you want your business to prosper on Google, then you must understand what Google is doing and why – then use that information to your advantage. This video explores the timing and rationale behind the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates and provides key insights you can apply to your online marketing strategy.

2. Duplicate and Thin Content: “Thin” content generally refers to low-value, unoriginal content on your website or blog-and it’s become a prime target of Google’s updates. However, ecommerce sites by nature tend to have thin content (in fact, overly descriptive, text-heavy pages can actually send visitors packing). So what’s the solution? We’ll show you how to please both your site visitors and Google by combining a few key elements and leveraging the right keywords.

3. How to Thicken Thin Content: If you have lots of thin content on your site, what do you do? Here’s how to bulk it up to be more SEO-friendly using tools like videos, user-generated content, product descriptions, and more.

4. Press Release Links Post-Panda: It used to be that anchor text-links in distributed press releases were all you needed to gain traction in the search engines. But this is no longer the case-Google now ignores links in press release copy. The good news is that press releases can still bring you a lot of excellent SEO value, if you know what Google wants. We’ll tell you about it in this video.

5. The Sea of Crud: With hundreds of “build it yourself” tools floating around, it’s never been easier to create web pages on the fly. As a result, millions of pages are produced that have no inherent value whatsoever. These pages make up the Sea of Crud, a swirling vortex of low-quality websites that do nothing to elevate the searcher’s experience. In this video, we explain what attributes your site must have in order to rise above the fray.

6. The Four Types of Links: At the very basic level, there are only four types of links. But which ones are really worth pursuing – those ‘golden links’ that will earn you a handsome return in the form of more traffic and customers? And which links are a waste of time? We break it all down for you in a clear and concise way.

7. Getting the Best Possible Links: It may be surprising to hear, but sometimes getting a link too early is a bad thing. It’s important to look beyond quick wins; otherwise you could be missing the most prized links of all. Find out more in this video.

8. Multiple Disciplines in Link Building: Link building can’t be done in a vacuum. To be successful at it, you must work in tandem with other disciplines such as marketing and public relations. After watching this video, you’ll understand the art of collaboration and how to be a highly valued member of any SEO team.

9. The Role of Social Media in Link Building: Social signals-like a link from someone’s social media profile to your company’s web page-have been getting a lot of press as the ‘new link building.’ While this may not be entirely true, social media and link building do go hand in hand. We’ll show you how to combine them effectively to enhance and accelerate your SEO results.

10. Should You Use the Disavow Tool? Let’s face it: in the past, you’ve probably received some dodgy links-maybe even bought some. Google’s disavow tool is a last-ditch opportunity to eliminate spammy or low-quality backlinks to your website, allowing you to ask the search engine to disregard certain links when assessing your site. In this video, we’ll explain when and how to use the disavow tool, so you can avoid mistakes that could cost you rankings.

11. How to Future-Proof Your Link Building. Of course, no one can predict exactly what Google will do in the future. But you can make educated guesses and take practical steps to safeguard your website from upcoming algorithmic changes. We outline what you need to do in this video.


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