Ken Walker - Cash From Camtasia

Ken Walker – Cash From Camtasia

First off, if your podcast is either entertaining or relates knowledge, you’ve got a good potential for making money with it, especially if it’s a well produced show. Some examples might be somebody that does training on Photoshop, or if you’re an Excel guru and you do screen captures of what you do. You can use an application like Camtasia Studio or even Macromedia Captivate and record your desktop while doing an instructional video. A great example of this is a site Ken does a podcast for on computer software. Go to and you’ll see what I mean.
It doesn’t have to be software though, if you’re good at anything and people are listening to your show and they’re finding out things about your topic, then you’ve got a great opportunity. It doesn’t have to be a screencast either, if your podcast is only audio, just like in radio, people can listen and get lots of great info.
Now obviously we have the standard options of maybe selling ads on your website, or even in the podcast itself, but think about this what about selling a compiled DVD or CD that has all your past episodes? You’ll have people that don’t want to bother with downloading 50 episodes and they’ll order your DVD for like $15 or whatever, depending on how much content you’ve got and how professional your show is.
Another alternative here is to only give access to like your past 5 episodes, and block access to older shows, you can list the shows so that viewers can see what the content is about, but they’ll have to either buy your DVD or you could also make the episodes available for download in a members only section.
Having a member account is another great possibility. There are so many scenarios that you could use here. You could have a free podcast released once a month, and then release 3 members only podcasts the rest of the month, so we’ve got lots of options.

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