Kevin Hogan - Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System

Kevin Hogan – Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System

“What Would Happen if you really Acquired all of the GOALS You Set this Year?”

Be one of the first to own…

Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System That Gives You Everything You Really Want in Life

Here is what is in your copy of Acquisition!

CD 1. Why Goal Setting Hasn’t Worked…Yet

Track 1: The 21st Century, #1 Goal Setting Tool….Doesn’t Work
Track 2: Goal Tool Dynamics that Cause Failure
Track 3: Your Passive Goal Guidance System
Track 4: Your Best Year Ever
Track 5 The Brain – No Program to lose 40 Pounds?
Track 6: Nonconscious Goals vs. Conscious Goals

CD 2. The Elements of Real Goals

Track 1: Never Be Concerned about Survival
Track 2: Ants and Squirrels have Useful PGGS’s
Track 3: Your New Reaction in Crisis
Track 4: Your Fear Advantage
Track 5: New Goal List vs. To Do List
Track 6: Lessons from Losing Every day to a Chess Master
Track 7: Your Elements of a Goal

CD 3. Creating Real Opportunity

Track 1: Your Goal to “Be a Millionaire?” No…
Track 2: Sequencing
Track 3: When Do You Work on Your Life Plan?
Track 4: What Happens When Everything Goes Wrong?
Track 5: Creating Opportunity and Shooting Off Rockets

CD 4: Goals: The Truth Behind Motivation, Reward so You Get What You Want in Life

Track 1: Your First Steps of Goal Acquisition
Track 2: Engagement
Track 3: New Goal Achievers Do This
Track 4: Acquisition requires Availability
Track 5: Storm Chasers – Sequencing in Action
Track 6: Introduction to Vengeance
Track 7: Could You Date a Supermodel?

CD 5: End Point Goals vs. Life Time Goals

Track 1: End Point Goals
Track 2: She’s Out of My League
Track 3: The Wedding Dress Fit!
Track 4: Your Cheat Sheet, Page 2
Track 5: Leveraging Addiction
Track 6: Numerous Types of Brain Fuel
Track 7: Chocolate for Brain Fuel?

CD 6: Anything You Want in Life?

Track 1: V is for Vengeance
Track 2: The Conversation
Track 3: Creating your Creation Space
Track 4: TV Your Best Friend?
Track 5: The New & Better You Creates Feelings of Danger in Others
Track 6: Creating Sequences Reveals Likelihood of Attainment

CD 7: Your Obsession

Track 1: The Goal Vanishes Without _________
Track 2: New Gets Old Fast if it is Not Obsession
Track 3: Cool Obsession
Track 4: Girl A, $250,000, or 25 Pounds
Track 5: Your $5,000,000 Solution
Track 6: Survival Happens
Track 7: Girl A or Girl B

CD 8. Anything Your Brain Wants, It Gets

Track 1: Anything Your Brain Wants, It Gets
Track 2: You Have History
Track 3: One Paycheck Per Year
Track 4: Your People Choice
Track 5: Built to Last

CD 9: Goal Systems…Missing Pieces FOUND!

Track 1: Your Genes Do This For You
Track 2: Is Dr. House in the House?
Track 3: Your Resolutions
Track 4: Dumb Things People Do That Lead to Goal Failure
Track 5: Split Screen Thinking For Goal Acquisition
Track 6: Feelings Aren’t a GPS

CD 10: Goal Setting for Meaning

Track 1: Your Saturn Five
Track 2: Danger of Feeling Unrewarded
Track 3: See, Believe, Begin, Continue, Finish
Track 4: Goal Setting For Meaning
Track 5: Action, Plan, Think, Contingency, Plan, Adjustment
Track 6: What You Enjoy Doing – Matter?
Track 7: Necessary to Change Existing Beliefs?

CD 11: New Goal Setting for Living the Life You Choose

Track 1: New Goal Setting = Life You Choose
Track 2: Preparation Logging
Track 3: Your Modeling Failure for Success
Track 4: Success and Failure in New Goal Setting
Track 5: New Goal Setting: The Strategy
Track 6: Getting What You Really Want
Track 7: Your Confidence = _________

CD 12: Goals Into Action = Manifestation?

Track 1: New Goals Into Action
Track 2: Your Space is Your Space
Track 3: Adjust – But Over Time
Track 4: Earn Appreciation
Track 5: Learn to Notice Red Flags
Track 6: Proof of Overcoming Fears & Challenges
Track 7: Life Can Be Better Than It Is

CD Q: The Master System: Now it…Happens for YOU!

Track 1: Genesis: Goal Setting
Track 2: Precluding Problems in Progression
Track 3: The Process: Choosing Strategy & Outlining the Sequence to Achieve
Track 4: New Goals Now (Almost) Always Happen
Track 5: Your Dream List?!
Track 6: Goals that Bring in Money

IMPORTANT: The program also comes with a 180-page manual on PDF on a separate disc so you’ll see a total of 14 discs when you open your program.

Use the manual.

In full.

The manual helps you organize your thinking, utilize crucial strategies of this Comprehensive Goal Attainment System.

It would be difficult to not use the manual at the end of the day and still get what you want from the program.
I set out to create a program where each CD is worth the price of the entire program.
I developed the program in such a way that even if you have sat down to dinner with me and we’ve talked about some of these tools, you’d still be ravenous in devouring Acquisition! and putting it to work for you. The program, as you can see, is the product of an enormous amount of work. But that wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t amazingly true to its billing.



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