Keyword Inspector Annual

Keyword Inspector Annual

KeywordInspector is a suite of individual tools to help you, the Amazon Seller, gain an advantage over your competition. While each tool is separate, you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you find/sell/optimize more products, faster on (UK and DE where available).
“Their Keyword Trends tool gives you Hundreds of Thousands of Ideas and more. It’s quite awesome.
I really like the button “Today’s Top New Keywords” – it gives you a huge list of newly popular keywords with their search volume. Great to see trends or just what’s popular in general.
Their KIPRT Tool is great when you already know what niche you are interested in, it will show you a good overview of that niche. Works similar to JungleScout, but adds additional useful info, like Keyword Count, Title Length, Past 30 day Reviews Growth, and more.”



FE – KeywordInspector Annual – $480/y

  • An Amazon Keyword (Trends) Research Tool Like No Other
  • Subscribe to the UK Addon Package to start searching for Keywords out of a possible 20+Million of them
  • Backed by 10s of Billions of Aggregated Datapoints. This makes the data more accurate, and highly available within seconds!
  • Keyword Search Volumes are more Accurate than any other tool on the market! So now youknow exactly which keyword you should be going after at the exact time you should be going after it!
  • Search Volumes are Updated DAILY!! so you have the most absolute newest data to act on
  • Times when Data has been last updated are given (transparency)
  • Search by Keyword, Negative Keyword, even search with a list of keywords, it doesn’t matter KI does it all!! You can even search by volumes, trending volumes, total average volumes the list goes on and on.
  • Searches can be also done by average price,review,salesrank, salesperday,# of prime sellers (etc) of the products on the first page of every keyword in our database!
  • Searches are Sortable, so that you can bubble the best keywords to the top in seconds
  • Figure out which keywords have just been added to our database of now well over 47+Million Keywords, all from Amazon Suggestions and Related Keywords
  • Trending Graphs available for Current, and Average Search Volumes over the past year, including Trailing Averages. Now you can see how any keyword has been doing since we launched KeywordInspector
  • Also included are average prices,review counts, salesranks and sales (plus more) for up to the first 17 products on the first page of every keyword. So you don’t have to go to Amazon for each keyword, we already did that for you!
  • With our Data, you can find hundreds, thousands, even millions of brand new keywords that no one else knows about, which you can act on today, weeks, even months before anyone knows about them!
  • This tool works for anyone selling on Amazon, whether you are a Private Labeler, Wholesale Reseller, or a Retail/Online Arbitrage Seller, anyone will find a use for this, on a Daily Basis
  • This tool requires a seperate Subscription from our other tools
  • UK Marketplace Keyword Search Now available as an Addon to the Full-Version. The Full-Version is Required to access the UK Addon Subscription


GB Name: Keyword Inspector Annual

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GB Price: $480

GB Cost: 40$/12 Peoples

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