Kimberly Janson - Demystifying Talent Management: Unleash People's Potential to Deliver Superior Results

Kimberly Janson – Demystifying Talent Management: Unleash People’s Potential to Deliver Superior Results

The idea of unleashing people s potential by giving them good input and stretching them to new levels can be very heady stuff. When you experience, as I have, the collective impact of everyone in an organization performing at the highest level and truly working TOGETHER, you are amazed at what can happen when the constraints that organizations put on their own people are removed. The results are extraordinary. Kim Janson Demystifying Talent Management offers practical advice for all managers, HR professionals, senior leaders, and other employees on how to work together to build a talented and motivated workforce. The book addresses performance, development, coaching, feedback, compensation, and other elements of people management. By taking a 360-degree point of view, the book reveals how each stakeholder views the elements of people management, what they need from each element, and what confusion and conflicts arise among the stakeholders, limiting people s potential. Using simple, straightforward language, Kim Janson tells you how you can avoid the confusion and conflicts. You ll learn:

What performance is needed and expected how to focus on the right things and translate the company s strategy into individual performance
What it means to measure and track progress, simply and clearly
What you can and should do to help an individual s development
How to narrow your focus to improve a skill, knowledge, or experience
How to take both an individual s profile and the direction of the organization into account in career development and succession planning
How to make compensation a true driver of results in whatever currency you want to use (cash, public accolades, feedback…)
How to tap into what fuels people s fire and speak their language to make things work better and faster. How coaching and feedback are essential in bringing all the elements of talent management together

This book will guide you to a deeper understanding of the mechanics of talent management and development success so that all the stakeholders can come together in a win-win-win-win scenario.

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