Kristen Palana- NWordPress Website Challenge: Easy Ways to Boost Impact

Kristen Palana- NWordPress Website Challenge: Easy Ways to Boost Impact

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Author: Kristen Palana

Learn how to optimize your website’s performance, reach, security, and layout to increase clicks, engagement, and sales.

Is your website performing at its highest level and gaining you clicks, sales, engagement, followers, and working hard on your behalf 24 hours a day?

This course is for anyone who is looking to get more out of their existing website, who would like an easy step by step plan of action for maximizing their website’s impact, regardless of which tools, platforms, or themes they are using.

In this course I use my own website’s optimization as a case study and show the exact process I used during my website’s tune-up to help YOU jump-start your progress. I specifically use WordPress and the Elegant Theme, Divi and the Elegant Theme plugin, Bloom (for opt-in forms), but you don’t need to have my exact set-up to benefit from this course.

This course is meant to help inspire and motivate you as you begin to make small changes that will start to show big results over time in the form of new social media followers, more clicks and sales, more traffic, and better engagement with your audience.

Please note that I am just a regular person who happens to run and manage her own website who has made great strides in terms of increasing sales, engagement, followers, and subscribers over the last few months in particular. I show what works best for me personally (an artist and educator with a very right-brained way of doing things) and aim to demonstrate to you how I achieve/ am still achieving my good results step by step in this course.

This course will be best for those who will appreciate learning ways that require little to no coding ability to improve an existing website. This course will also most appeal to those starting an online enterprise with little to no existing following/mailing list who would like to see measurable, reliable, and steady progress in a relatively quick span of time.

Of course, you may need to make adjustments based on your own website, content, target audience, and unique situation. That said, my recommendations are NOT niche specific and will work across a wide range of situations.

Finally, please note that every lesson here could be its own course unto itself so please DO click on the resources/downloads tab for each lecture to get more resources and links should you want to delve more deeply into any one specific area.

Please do feel free to always ask me any and all questions in the discussions area or in a personal message. Also remember that I’m happy to take requests for future lessons and even future courses as well.


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