Why Leadership Sucks: Top Tips for Leadership Advancement

Why Leadership Sucks: Top Tips for Leadership Advancement

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Author: Miles Anthony, Smith Christopher & Paul Elliott

Miles & Chris guide your leadership journey to increase leadership IQ & enhance effectiveness using real world examples.

* Lectures 33
* Skill level all level
Leadership sucks at times, doesn’t it? Have you ever thought about leadership like that?

*Importance of Having Chris & Miles as Your Guides
*Practical Action Steps to Accelerate Your Leadership
*What You Will Get From This Course
*Basis of Leadership
*Unlock the Magic of the Flag Page
*Focus on Your Strengths, Hire for Your Weaknesses
*Communication Miscommunication
*You Always Put Me Last on Your List
*Your Action Steps
*Lasting Impressions Introduction
*Pitfalls of Sole Reliance on First Impressions
*Bias Blown Away
*Discard First Impressions
*Danger to Team Hiring Process
*Breaking Down Your First Impressions
*Your Action Steps
*Micromanager vs. Macromanager
*Interdependence of Both Needed
*Concerned About Empty Nesting (Illustrative Story)
*Tension in Leadership Pacing
*Do All Leaders Need Vision?
*Your Action Steps

So, ask yourself these questions…
*Would your family and friends be impressed with your stronger leadership after this course?
*Don’t you want to accelerate your leadership success instead of being stuck like everybody else?
*If you had us as your leadership guides, where would you be 12 months from now?
*Are you ready to get started? Won’t you join us?


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