Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat

Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat

Drop Any “Bad-Guy” Who Dares Lay A Finger On You Or Your Loved Ones…Instantly!

“World’s Most Natural Hand-To-Hand Combat System Lets You Humiliate Younger, Tougher, and More Experienced Fighters Every Time, Regardless of Your Age, Gender, or Physical Ability…Without Even Trying!”

The World’s #1 Self Defense Instructor, Captain Chris, reveals his amazingly simple system for stopping violent attackers dead in their tracks-no matter your age, experience or fitness level.

• Seen on major TV shows. Including “The Today Show”, “Eye Witness News”, “Good Day New York”, and more.

• Used by The U.S. & U.K. Special Forces, bounty hunters, mercenaries and even professional assassins-who don’t have time to learn complex and outdated martial arts moves that don’t work in “real world” violent attacks.

• So easy, you can master it in just a short weekend… even if you’ve never set foot in a self defense class in your life.

• So effective, even guys with no previous experience are using it to send thugs, gang members and other violent “street predators” into emergency rooms around the world.


If you’d like to know how even someone who is slow, out-of-shape and has zero self defense experience can, in one hour or less, know more about surviving brutal street attacks than most black belt karate masters… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

My name is Captain Chris… I am an unarmed combat instructor and self defense specialist. I hold black belts in 5 different martial arts, a U.S. Gold Medal in Grappling, and my students include professional assassins, international mercenaries, The U.S. & U.K. Special Forces and hundreds of elite military and law enforcement agents at the local, state and federal level.

Anyway, you can read more about me and my real life “adventures” seeking out the world’s most deadly self defense tactics in my “bio” section over to the right of this page.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 24 lectures and 6 hours of content!
How to toss ANY man right on his head… and break his arm on the way down if you choose to do so. (I don’t care if you only weigh 90 pounds soaking wet, either-as you’ll see, your physical size has nothing to do with it.)
A 2-hit combination GUARANTEED to shatter your attacker’s jaw… every single time. (Six months of dental surgery and he MIGHT be able to talk and actually stand trial.)
Incredible “military tricks” that will take you from absolute rookie to a master fighter in just a few short hours.
Why a simple change in your “mindset” will mean the difference between being the prey or being the predator when surrounded by thugs, gang members and other scum on the street.
How to snatch a loaded gun right out of a “Gangsta’s” hand so damn fast it will literally tear his trigger finger off! (And then immediately-without even thinking about it-cave his chest in without skipping a beat.)
How to immediately win a fight if you find yourself on the ground with a bigger opponent on top of you. (And without screwing around with that “tap-out” B.S. you see on TV.)
How to control the “shakes” and super-hot adrenaline dump that occurs during tense, violent situations! (You’ll be cool, smooth and effective no matter how confusing things get… just the opposite of how most men react!)
The one “basic” mistake even cops and soldiers make (despite their expensive training) that erases their “training advantage” in a street fight. (And how to make sure YOU never fall victim to it yourself.)
How to get away from a larger attacker who surprises you. (It’s instantaneous, keeps you safe from any blows, and puts him so “off-balanced” he’s toast for your next move. And the beauty is… the bigger he is, the easier it is for you to do this!)
The 8 “tactical” combat coordinates you must know to win a violent encounter against any attacker-including the horrendous “Hollywood” mistakes most people make that get them seriously hurt or killed. (Some of the “normal tendencies” you have are 100% wrong!)
Vicious, stomach-churning (but simple) moves that allow you to “lead” him by his chin all the way to the ground… hard. (His body goes where you lead it, like a lifeless slab of meat-letting you control and humiliate even the biggest and toughest street punk on the block with ease.)
What is the target audience?

Does NOT require a lot of time to master-You can learn it, literally, in a couple hours-even if you’re a total fighting “green horn” now.
Does NOT require you to be in peak physical condition- Guys with bulging beer bellies and bum knees use Close Combat Training to send younger and more experienced fighters-even advanced martial artists-to the emergency room.
Does NOT require you to be uninjured to work- These are “gross motor movement” techniques. Which is why even soldiers with their legs blown off were able to defend themselves against armed enemies closing in on them in trenches and ditches.
Does NOT require any practice-once you learn it, it’s “locked in” your mind, your neurology and even your muscle fibers forever. You cannot forget it even if you wanted to. It’s like a weapon strapped to your leg 24/7-365 days per year-ready to be drawn and fired at a moment’s notice at any time, in any place, and under any circumstances.


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