Liba Placek, Brian Bradley _ Egoscue: Pain Free Workout Series

Liba Placek, Brian Bradley _ Egoscue: Pain Free Workout Series

Liba Placek, Brian Bradley _ Egoscue: Pain Free Workout Series

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Author: Liba Placek, Brian Bradley

The “Pain Free Workout” from The Egoscue Method is a proven method of controlling, even eliminating chronic musculoskeletal pain. Developed by renowned pain expert Pete Egoscue and based on a deep understanding of postural alignment, this series of stretches and gentle exercises can help you achieve a pain-free active lifestyle without drugs, surgery or physical therapy. His unique program—with its 95% success rate—delivers results whether you seek relief from chronic pain, joint pain,shoulder pain, back pain, leg pain, neck pain, or just want better posture and a stronger, toned body.

You will learn how easy it is to improve your body’s alignment, strengthen important postural muscles and add the flexibility necessary to rid yourself of the pain that can make daily life a challenge. This extraordinary workout features The Egoscue Method, which has been used by tens of thousands of people just like you for over 25 years, and is now available for the first time to use in your own home.

Contains Pain Free Workout Vol 1 & 2.

Vol 1: The Egoscue “Pain Free Workout” for Beginners focuses on proper alignment, posture, and muscle engagement. Follow along with Liba Placek, an internationally recognized Egoscue Athletic Trainer, and Brian Bradley, the Egoscue V.P. of Therapy Protocol, as they teach you powerful techniques to restore flexibility and strength, while at the same time, rejuvenating your body. The result is the elimination of muscular and skeletal pain. This workout is designed for those who do not exercise on a regular basis, anyone at any age can do this workout. You will realize added flexibility and strength that will improve your posture and relieve pain.

Vol 2: The Egoscue “Pain Free Workout” for Advanced Users incorporates the most effective Egoscue E-cises into one challenging, easy to follow workout. Use of this program will give you proper alignment, correct posture, and active muscle engagement that will get rid of your pain. Over twenty years of expertise, working with tens of thousands of clients, has provided Egoscue with the knowledge incorporated in this truly extraordinary workout program. This program is recommended for anyone in good physical condition or currently in an exercise program.


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