Link Builder Pro 2.2.1 – latest version Software

Link Builder Pro 2.2.1 – latest version Software

Here are the three SEO Brain Trust prelaunch videos. Good SEO material, worthwile watching at it. They’re quite long, around one hour the first two and 1:20 h the third.

The three videos are:

1) The 3 things most SEOs get wrong … and how to get ‘em right

We are almost(!) ready to open our new coaching program. Please let us know what you want us to cover and gives us the burning questions you have about what we’re doing and why.

2) The Six Key Skills It Takes to Survive Online (1 hour)

Imagine your site ranking #1 for every keyword you can imagine – now take a deep breath as Dan Thies shows you how much MORE you can do to drive your sales and profits higher. Dan goes way beyond SEO, and still works in some stellar SEO and PPC advice, all in one action-packed presentation.

3) The SEO Triple Threat on Stage Together

For the first time ever on the same stage – Leslie Rohde, Dan Thies, and Jerry West answered attendees’ questions live for 90 minutes. White Hat, Black Hat, and anything in between – this session was “no holds barred” and you get it all. This 90 minute video was shot at StomperNet’s Live8 event in August of 2009.


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