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Lisa Parmley - Authority Site Model

Lisa Parmley – Authority Site Model

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Is 2012 the year your sites will be buried by the search engines? Or will you stay on top and continue to grow?

Let me tell you something that’s incredibly urgent and relevant to my questions above …

As you know, the job of the search engines is simple, to put the best quality sites at the top for any particular search phrase.

That’s it.

So let’s say you’re searching for information on “knee pain treatment”.

If a webpage that took 10 minutes to throw together, outsourced to a guy who barely speaks English, with the domain name, comes up before, then I think we can all agree the search engine didn’t do a good job.

And I’m not pointing this out because I love the search engines or I’m bothered by spam, because I’m not. I’m just telling you how it is.

Sites like are on the search engine hit list. Content outsourced to a guy who barely speaks English doesn’t provide a whole lot of value. An article that took 10 minutes to create based on no real references … again … not quality, not helpful.



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