Lisa Stoops – The Niche Researcher

Lisa Stoops – The Niche Researcher

If you still have not grasped the potential of niche blogging as a means to earn money online then you should do so right now. You can use a blog to promote someone else’s product on the Internet and earn commission on the sale generated.

However, you need to first identify your niche market before you start blogging. There is no point blogging about every topic as that would defeat the purpose of niche blogging. The key to niche blogging success is to get very specific. You can even specialize on a sub niche of a market. For example, ‘dieting’ is too board of a topic. But ‘low carb dieting’ is more specific.

In order to find a niche market you need to target those areas which do not have a lot competition and have the biggest potential to make money blogging about them. You have to have a good balance between traffic and competition. You want to generate enough targeted traffic to the blog in order to convert your traffic into paying customers. You do not want to pick an obscure niche topic that has no products to promote. People have to be actively searching for this topic as well.

The best part about niche blogging is that you can interact with the readers and understand what information they like and what they don’t like. Taking suggestions or adding a poll to your blog will help you to understand what your visitors are interested in. This is a good way to increase your conversion rate as you will be able to better serve their needs.

The trick to niche blogging is to seamlessly weave your advertisement into an unbiased product review or information post. That way you will give the readers the information they are looking for and when they click on your link and buy the product you promoted – you will get the commission. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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