Logan Christopher – Ultimate Recovery Formula

Logan Christopher – Ultimate Recovery Formula

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Was on the table on the receiving end of a particular “energy” drill at a recent certification I was attending. Flashing through my mind was images of strength, of me hitting new moves and weights easily.
The accompanying feeling was one of POWER and STRENGTH.
Exercise physiologists will tell you that exercise doesn’t just tax the muscles but the Central Nervous System (CNS). When this is drained you can kiss your strength goodbye.
I had no clue this would happen. But after that one drill I felt More Alive than I had in awhile. But was I stronger? I had to put it to the test…


Since that occurred I’ve played around with this technique and others in more depth. I’ve truly come up with the Ultimate Recovery Formula.
I think back to hearing legendary wrestler Dan Gable state, “You have to work as hard at recovery as you do at training.”
And here I had stumbled on a secret method to do exactly that…

The problem was this method took time and a partner in order to do it. So I played with the formula and came up with something possibly even better. More on that in a little bit. First…
Your Recovery Foundation – 7 Part Video Series

Before I get to the advanced stuff it’s important you know, and practice, the basics. If you’ve been training for some time most of this won’t be groundbreaking information to you. Still there are things that most people don’t know like the effects of earthing as it relates to recovery. This 7 part video series covers everything I know on the subject.
Systems of Recovery
Training Effects
Training Boosters
Nutrition Boosters
Lifestyle and Other Boosters
Mental and Energy Boosters
That last section is where it gets interesting. It’s an area that no one else is talking about.


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