Love Systems - 11 Essentials

Love Systems - 11 Essentials

Love Systems – 11 Essentials

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Each DVD lesson covers a core attraction concept and includes clear concept descriptions, demonstrations, student exercises and “quick wins” (high impact changes that you can make right now). Each concept is described by a top love systems instructor. This page contains sample clips from each video.

Disc 1: 7 Seductive Ideas
Savoy gives you an overview of the the 11 essentials DVD set, including a peek at what happens at the Love Systems Super Conference ? an annual gathering of the world’s best pick-up artists and instructors. He also dispels 7 commonly held beliefs that stop 90% of guys from meeting, attracting and being with beautiful women. By resisting these 7 ideas, you will be on your way to hotter women and more options.

Disc 2: The Triad Model
Future explains the Love Systems Triad model ? a foundational theory for what is required to be with a woman you’ve just met. Included on the disc are:

A three-dimensional model (The Triad Model), covering the emotional, physical and logistical aspects of seduction. If you get any of these wrong, you won’t take your target home!
How to use the Triad Model as a guide map during in-flight interactions and as a post-mortem tool to figuring out “what went wrong?” This will maximize your chances of success as well as your learning when things go wrong
Six stages in the emotional progression model that take her from someone that you’ve never met to someone comfortable sleeping with you, as well as the steps for moving her along
Four “levels” of touch in the physical progression model and how you can go from casual social contact to intimacy. You need to start this process right when you meet her!
Why you will not get laid if the logistics (the social and physical context) are not favorable and simple tactics you can use to “clear the way.”

Disc 3: Introduction to Attraction
The Don sheds light on attraction ? and obvious and key step in the emotional progression model. Included on this disc:

Many men don’t know exactly what it is that women are attracted to. The Don gives you this “litmus test” so that you know whether you’re doing it right (it’s really simple and every guy can do it)!
YOU NEED TO BE THE MAN: Why she will not make moves to get to know you better during attraction and why it’s important that you make the first moves to lengthen the interaction
Why confidence is so important to seduction and an easy way of executing it so that you know you’re projecting confidence and turning her on
Three simple methods of building attraction that any guy can start using tonight!
Why women will instinctively challenge your masculinity (they’re not bad people!) and why this is your chance to knock it out of the park

Disc 4: 200% Social Proof
5.0 sheds light on the under-used concept of social proof (acceptance of you by people around you and your target) and how you can use it to your advantage. Included on this disc:

How building social proof changes the dynamics so that you are the man every woman wants to be with rather than the man who wants to be with every woman
How to generate social-proof in your local community and then leverage it to show women that you are a man of power and status (which will turn her on). These include specific tactics that you can start using today to build social proof efficiently
Tactics for generating social proof in new environments ? for example, a night-club in Prague that you have never been to

Disc 5: Qualification
Keychain discusses the concept of qualification ? an essential but unintuitive step in the emotional progression model. Included on this disc:

What qualification is and why you can’t ignore it if you want to be with 9s and 10s
4 types of qualification and when and how to use them
Specific routines that you can use tonight as well as concepts (with live demonstrations!) and a framework for helping you create your own qualification routines
Soft-qualification ? an easy and non-awkward technique for qualification.
How to use qualification as a tool “pinging” or testing her attraction level
A simple preparation exercise that every man should do right now to make qualification simple in the field

Disc 6: Framing
Future discusses the power of framing — the underlying assumptions in an interaction. Included on this disc:

How you can set the rules and boundaries of an interaction with framing and why it is key in your interactions with women. If you get this right, you will control the interaction. If you get it wrong, you will lose high-value women!
How to force a frame on your interactions with a woman to generate the attraction to you and sexualize the situation
Three attitude changes (related to framing) that can solve 90% of the problems most students face

Disc 7: Storytelling
Tenmagnet discusses storytelling — an essential but oft-misunderstood step in the emotional progression model. Included on this disc:

Why story-telling is so important and when you should use it (HINT: you don’t do it all the time and the types of stories you tell differ depending on circumstances)
How story-telling can be used as a vehicle to improve your self-image, conversation skills, attractiveness and understanding of women
Most guys fall into the trap of recounting plot rather than conveying emotion; this DVD will explain why you are dead in the water if you don’t learn how you can stoke a woman’s emotions through story-telling
Four characteristics about yourself that you will want to convey in your storytelling and example stories

Disc 8: Identity
Cajun discusses identity ? a foundational part of why a woman is attracted to you. Included on this disc are:

Why it’s important to have a strong identity (you can’t fake it!) and the 4 elements of identity that women are attracted to
How you can gradually transform yourself into the man you want to be without issues
How you can build social proof and reinforce your identity with the environment that you expose women to (e.g., your neighborhood)
Cajun talks through his own story of how a 5’4? shy-guy overcame his fears and later became one of the world’s best pick-up artists

Disc 9: Inner Game
Vercetti discusses Inner Game — key mindsets and beliefs that you will need in order to make rapid progress. This disc features:

A five step process for getting your head in the right place to take on something as transformative as improving your attraction skills
A discussion on the right mindset and process for overcoming the stumbling blocks of game
Interactive drills for you to visualize a future that you want and articulate the negative beliefs that are holding you back
Advice that you can use to create a step-by-step roadmap for success

Disc 10: Day Game
Day Game pioneer and legend Jeremy Soul teaches the art of picking up women in non-night club settings (e.g., at the bookstore, in a coffee shop or in a mall). Included are:

A proven formula for approaching women in public, including demonstrations of body language, vocal tone and physical contact
A 3-question framework for guiding the conversation so that you can demonstrate value and make a connection quickly
Exercises for fleshing out your own “mastery topics” or areas of conversation that you could speak about in order to build attraction and a connection quickly

Disc 11: Older Men & Younger Women
Love Systems’ oldest (he’s 48 years-old) instructor, Bullet, gives insight on how an older man can be successful with younger women. Included on this DVD:

Bullet’s personal story of how he is able to achieve the mecca of sleeping with women in their 20s despite the social taboos around older men and younger women
A simple diagnostic for knowing whether a woman will view you as an “older man” and what you need to do to avoid coming off as “creepy”
What older men need to do to capitalize on their strengths without competing directly against men in their 20s
Specific routines for opening and attraction that are well-suited for older men approaching younger women
How you can dress and groom to come off as an edgy man with high status


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