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LSI Monthly

LSI Monthly


This is part of a monthly PLR group buy. For $10 per month PLR material :-)from multiple memberships will be
delivered on a monthly basis

I recently had a talk with a few successful guys, ballers if you will, who make full-time income online – and the consensus has been that to make monies like you just found oil, your best strategy is to concentrate on a few websites (1-4, depending on your resources) – and really spend time developing them, instead of jumping on every opportunity in hopes of making quick cash.

So today I was thinking about this again (the best ideas come to me right before falling asleep) – and I had to write it all down.

Here’s the scenario:

You want a long-term, stable, predictable income online. You know (or you heard) about authority websites in all sorts of niches raking in dough and you wonder how you can replicate their success.

That’s something I can help you with!

Now, there are three things that are stopping people dead in their tracks when it comes to creating an authority website:

First: What type of content to get and where to get it? After all, you need a website with articles that are enjoyable to both humans and Google spiders.

Second: Authority website usually has hundreds of articles. “Where do I get so many keyword ideas? How do I even start?”

Third: “How the hell do I even start backlinking so many pages? What about anchor text?”
…and this is where most people give up. Even though the initial idea to build an authority website is awesome, there are too many variables and too much stuff to think about to actually execute anything. Sound familiar?

Now, here is what I offer:

One: Most of you already know me by the Core Content Club – professional grade LSI articles – basically a specialized LSI content writing service that makes you rank for your keywords with less work. Loved by humans and Google spiders alike because of the special LSI sauce which I work really hard at making.

Two: I’ll show you to get hundreds of viable keyword ideas for your soon-to-be authority website and how to really dig deep to find the long tail keywords that people are typing in every day (that’s on top of the LSI keywords I’ll research for you)

Three: I’ll share the best ways to backlink your multiple pages, how to do it inexpensively and what anchor text strategies to use to really bring in that long-tail, targeted traffic (along with rankings for your main keywords).

Here’s the current pricing, explained:

15 articles monthly= $299 recurring (savings of $75)
30 articles monthly= $599 recurring (savings of $150)
60 articles monthly= $1199 recurring (savings of $300)
90 articles monthly= $1799 recurring (savings of $450)
120 articles monthly = $2299 recurring (savings of $700)
Think about it like this; can you spend $20/day on a site that’ll be bringing you $100/day for the years to come?…
and as it continues to grow and get more traffic from this optimized content? All in all, this is a great investment.

To put this into perspective, the price for 1 article from my original service is $25. If you chose to take the subscription route you’ll get each article for less than $20.

The reason I offer this is that it allows me to fully concentrate on producing the best possible content without interruptions and to provide the best service I can. I really like what I do and I take it very seriously. That’s why I am willing to lower the prices.

I also have some tricks up my sleeve as far as keyword research and backlinking multiple pages go, which I will share with my clients.

Another invaluable thing that I like to provide free of charge is posting the articles directly onto your website, as soon as they are created. My clients told me that this feature really frees up some of the valuable time it takes them to post the articles to their sites.

Top tier clients have personal access to me via Skype for discussing projects and brainstorming.

I think that if you already have a website that needs professional LSI content daily, or you’re wanting to create one, this a really good investment in your future. Because no matter what happens with the Google algorithm, authority websites will always stay on top.

If you feel like this is something you can use to make serious, long-term money online – go ahead and place your order – if not – that’s cool as well.

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