Lumen5 Pro Annual

Lumen5 Pro Annual

Social videos made easy Transform articles into videos in minutes


FE – Lumen5 Pro Annual – $470/y

  • Text to Video
  • Easily transform articles and blog posts into video content
  • Enter a link
  • Simply enter a link to an article or blog post and Lumen5 will automatically fetch the content and populate your storyboard.
  • Copy & paste
  • If your content is in an offline document, simply copy and paste the text into Lumen5 to begin building your video.
  • RSS feeds
  • For a more automated approach, simply plug in RSS feeds and have video templates created automatically everyday!
  • Automated Workflow
  • Create videos in minutes with the assistance of A.I.
  • Scene length
  • The length of each scene is dynamically determined by the system based on the amount of text in each segment.
  • Text positioning
  • The positioning of text is intelligently calculated based on the composition of the media file you’ve chosen.
  • Keyword highlighting
  • Machine learning is applied to natural language processing to highlight important keywords within each sentence.
  • Media Library
  • Searchable library with millions of free media files
  • Video clips
  • Make your video come to life with countless professional grade video clips that can help you tell your story.
  • Still images
  • Easily access millions of photos available at your finger tips covering thousands of subject matters.
  • Music library
  • Choose from thousands of free audio files and background music tracks categorized by mood and genre.
  • Branding Options
  • Customize your videos to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Brand colors
  • Choose from one of our preset colors or enter your own hex code to get the perfect color.
  • Logo & watermark
  • Upload your own logo and display it at the end or throughout the video as a watermark.
  • Font choices
  • Choose from a collection of beauitful fonts or upload your own custom font file.
  • Video formats
  • Optimize every video to improve performance and conversion rates
  • Video resolution
  • You can choose to render your videos in 480p, 720p, or 1080p, giving you full control over video quality and file size.
  • Aspect ratio
  • Render your videos in standard 16:9 landscape format or 1:1 square format for specialized social platforms like Instagram.
  • Letterbox style
  • Enhance your messaging with a letterbox format which has been popularized by viral meme videos.
  • Everything in Pro
  • +Team permission settings
  • +Multiple brand presets
  • +1,000,000+ premium media files
  • +1080p video quality
  • +Letterbox videos
  • +Upload your own music
  • +Upload your own fonts

GB Name: Lumen5 Pro Annual

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GB Price: $470

GB Cost: 47$/10 Peoples

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