Luther Landro – Video Rocket + OTO

Luther Landro – Video Rocket + OTO

COST: $11.6 + $17
Author: Luther Landro
Size: 73.0 MB

“Simple Hack Using Free Online Tools
Ranks Videos On Google Over The Weekend And Makes Clients Beg You For The Leads They Create…”

…And The Simple Online Sales Formula We Use
That Makes Your Clients Call Us Off The Hook
Begging To Pay Us $500 For This Service!

Fellow Warrior,

How would you like to make $1,000 an hour creating simple, fun videos?

My phone is ringing off the hook with prospects (probably your clients) begging to pay $500 for video creation and ranking services. I am able to put these videos together from scratch, in 2 hours, and then rank them in Google in less than 2 days…

The best part is that he uses free online tools and follows a stupid simple 5 step formula to make these cash sucking videos. This entire business formula can be broken into 3 steps:

Video Creation Using Free Online Tools

Simple Plug And Play Video Copywriting Formula

4 Step Video Upload And Link Method To Rank Them FAST

This has turned out to be a better lead source than my own warm lead customers…

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