This pack contains:

HTML 5 – Create an iPad Web App – Dreamweaver CS5 Getting Started with HTML5 – Dreamweaver jQuery Projects – Creating an Interactive Video Gallery – HTML5 Background Processes with Web Workers – HTML5 Drag and Drop in Depth – HTML5 File API in Depth – HTML5 First Look – HTML5 for Flash Developers – HTML5 Geolocation in Depth – HTML5 Graphics and Animation with Canvas – HTML5 Local Storage and Offline Applications in Depth – HTML5 Managing Browser History – HTML5 Messaging and Communications in Depth – HTML5 Structure Syntax and Semantics – HTML5 Video and Audio in Depth – HTML5 Web Forms in Depth – Improving SEO Using Accessibility Techniques – iOS 4 Web Applications with HTML5 and CSS3 – jQuery Projects – Creating an Interactive Video Gallery – Mobile Web Design & Development Fundamentals

Other – Building Facebook Applications with HTML and javascript – Creating an Adaptive Web Site for Multiple Screens – HTML Essential Training – Managing a Hosted Web Site – Web Accessibility Principles – Web Design Fundamentals – XHTML and HTML Essential Training



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