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MacroRecorder – iMacro Video Tutorials for Backlink Automation

MacroRecorder – iMacro Video Tutorials for Backlink Automation

What Are iMacros?

iMacros is a free plugin for the PC or Mac Firefox browser that allows you record and playback any sequence of events in your Firefox browser. You would typically be able to do things such as logging into a gmail account and check your email with one click a button, automatically filling in field boxes with your data and other repetitive tasks that need to be done on the Internet with your browser.

Automate Your Link Building

Because iMacros allows you to upload and post your own data, you can use this to create your own back links within bookmarks, profiles and just about anywhere you would be able to put a link to your sites. While there is other software out there that will do this for you, the Internet is constantly being updated and thus, all link building bots will eventually stop working. Would you rather be at the mercy of a programmer who may or may not update what they sold you, or would you rather be in control of the process yourself? My videos will show you how to automate your own link building but more importantly, you’ll know how to UPDATE everything as websites change.

It’s Not Rocket Science

My background is from Photoshop, video and web site design. I’m not a programmer. (I’ve hurt myself when I’ve tried to program Flash stuff.) IMacros is pretty straight forward and easy to learn. In fact, you really don’t need my video course, here’s everything you need to know on the iMacros wiki site:

Was your first reaction like mine? WTF? The wiki site was written by geeks for geeks. iMacros is a pretty deep program but we don’t need to know everything about it. We just want to know how we can utilitize it for Internet marketing purposes and more specifically – back linking.

My videos take you step by step through the process of automatically creating those back links. I show you in real time how I create them and I run each example in real time to show you how they should operate.

The Training Videos:

01 Installing iMacros (1:56) – Overview of installing iMacros on the PC and Mac.

02 Overview of iMacros (5:15) – Basic stuff for noobs. Nothing tricky.

03 1st Macro (7:51) – How to make a macro to check your Yahoo account and post a Folkd bookmark.

04 Inserting Data (7:57) – How to retrieve and insert data from a .csv file. Using a Tumblr bookmark as an example.

05 Post Multiple (7:47) – Post multiple bookmarks automatically on Folkd using. (long format)

06 Loop Button (3:16) – Post multiple bookmarks automatically on Folkd using the Loop button. (short format)

07 Wild Card (2:30) – When to use the wild card symbol with unique session id’s.

08 Comment/Wait (5:37) – Useful commands when editing a macro. (Blinklist bookmark example.)

09 VAR Command (4:24) – Entering data via a prompt window. (Yahoo Buzz, Digg examples + Stat sites)

10 Auto Signup (5:42) – Entering URLs from a .csv file and how to create accounts automatically at WPMU sites.

11 Text Editor (4:38) – How to edit, copy and paste macros quickly with an external text editor.

12 Keyboard Macros (2:02) – Using keyboard macros to speed up the creation process.

13 Bookmark Signups (6:27) – How to create a list of signups for bookmarking sites. (Reddit, Faves, LinkaGoGo, Blinklist, Folkd)

14 Bookmarking (6:32) – Create one macro that posts bookmarks to many sites. (Connotea, Faves)

15 Profile Creation (10:28) – How to signup and create forum profiles + saving profile URL for RSS feeds or pinging.

You get every imacro that I create in each video along with the .csv file that I took data from. This will allow you to follow along with what I’m doing as I’m creating each imacro.


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