Maps Prospector

Maps Prospector

…You Have NEVER Seen An Offline Marketing Software Do This, Getting You The HOTTEST Leads For The BIGGEST Opportunity In Local Marketing RIGHT NOW And For 2016, Making It A MUST-HAVE For All Local Marketers…

Hot New Local Marketing Lead Generation Software Finds Virtually UNLIMITED Laser-Targeted, RED-HOT Business Leads From ANYWHERE Around The World That There Are Businesses And Google+ Pages!

Unless This MASSIVE Problem Is Fixed, Which We Teach You How To Fix In UNDER 5 Minutes, They Can NEVER Rank Their Google My Business Page In The 3-Pack

This Fact Alone Provides You With A HUGE Competitive Advantage AND The Opportunity To Become An INSTANT Local Marketing Expert Simply By Using Our 100% Fool-Proof Solution, Which We Teach You How To Do In LESS THAN Five Minutes, to Fix This MASSIVE Problem For Each Client, So…

…What Are You Waiting For? As We Stated At The Beginning, Our Local Marketing Lead Generation Software AND Client-Getting And Closing Strategies Really Are As…

FACT: You Have NEVER Seen Or Used A Local Lead Generation Software Like Ours That INSTANTLY Generates HOT, Laser-Targeted Prospects Who BADLY Need You To Fix A HUGE Problem They Have With Their Google My Business Page, A Problem They Very Most Likely Did Not Even Know Existed Prior To You Telling Them!


With Literally Millions Upon Millions Of Businesses Sharing This Same Exact Problem With Their Respective Google My Business Pages, You Will NEVER Run Out Of RED-HOT Local Leads And… This Problem Is So BIG That Google PUNISHES Those Businesses Who Do Not Fix It, Whether A Business Even Knows About It Or Not, Which Prevents Them From Ranking, Or Having The Opportunity To Rank, In Google’s Local 3-Pack, Until They Fix Their Problem, Which Is Where You Come In With Our Client-Getting Strategy Laid Out On The Inside Of Here!


You See, We Not Only Show You How To Uncover Tons Of These Local Leads Anytime You Want On Demand With Our POWERFUL Laser-Targeted Local Lead Generation Software, We Also Show You A Simple Solution To Fix This Problem In LESS THAN 5 Minutes And Get Paid In The Process Making This An Incredible Foot-In-The-Door Strategy, Which Beside Teaching Our Own Students, We Have NEVER Seen Anyone Else Ever Teach Or Talk About.


Our Strategy Also Creates Natural, Seemingly “Must-Have” Upsell Opportunities For You To Immediately Offer Your New Clients After Fixing Their Initial Problem, Who Will Be So Happy And Drooling All Over Themselves With Dollar Signs In Their Eyes While You Get Recurring Monthly Payments In Your Account!


And That’s What Makes This An Absolute NO-BRAINER, Not Only For You As We Provide You With The Local Lead Generation Software To Find These RED-HOT Local Business Leads Instantly As Well As How To Close And Service, But Also, For Local Businesses That Need YOU To IMMEDIATELYT Fix Their MASSIVE Google My Business Page!

“Use Our Never-Before-Revealed Local Business Lead Generation Software To INSTANTLY Find Up To MILLIONS Of HIGHLY-TARGETED Business Leads Who Desperately NEED Your Help With Their Google Maps Listing Page And Are Willing To Pay You The BIG BUCKS For Your Services And Expertise…”

If You Have Google 3-Pack Listings In Your Target Area, This WILL Work For You!

Let us show you how we quickly find LASER-TARGETED local leads with our Maps Prospector software that will fill your prospect pipeline at a pace that will have you drooling to land your new clients as fast as you found your new RED-HOT leads!


Plus, we teach you how to land clients without any phone calls or face-to-face meetings AND, without spending one red cent, so:


Get Ready To Use Our Software To Locate As Many Laser-Focused Leads As You Want, Whenever You Want, On Demand, All Of Whom Are Desperate Prospects Who Need Your Help NOW Fixing Their HUGE Google Maps Local Listing Problem, A Problem So BIG That Google Is Currently Punishing ALL These Prospects By Not Even Giving Them The Chance To Rank In Google Maps’ 3-Pack UNTIL Their Problem Is Fixed, Which Is EXACTLY What We Are Going To Show You How To Do Inside Maps Prospector!

HARVEST Your Red-Hot New Google Maps Listing Leads, Use Our Only-One-Of-Its-Kind Local Lead Generation Software To Get Your New Prospects Virtually Throwing The Keys To Their Businesses To You And Almost Instant And Immediate Cash JAMMED Into Your Account!

You are about to embark on an awesome local marketing journey by taking advantage of automation to instantly find an ENDLESS supply of HOT and RAZOR-SHARP local business leads with our software, all who desperately need what we believe may very well be the single most important Offline service you can offer ALL of these businesses now to quickly and easily get your foot-in-the-door! Plus, we even show you how to implement and carry out your service that will fix their MASSIVE problem in LESS THAN 5 minutes, which can most definitely help you gain IMMEDIATE trust from your new clients!


From there, the sky is the limit as you will be in perfect position to offer your new clients almost ANY local marketing service you want, including those services that are the PERFECT complimentary match to the original service you offered and successfully implemented for them.


This can provide you with a virtual lock for generating MONTHLY RECURRING INCOME from clients who have already opened their wallet to you and are now willing to pay you some serious coin for your local marketing services!


Now, the reason all that is possible is because the local business leads you will find with our Maps Prospector software are some of the very hottest, most laser-targeted leads you will instantly have at your disposal.


That’s because these leads have a HUGE problem with their Google Maps’ local listings page (called “Google My Business page”) they may, but most likely do not even, know about and worse, if they do not fix this glaring issue, their respective businesses can be at GREAT RISK of not only continuing to lose out on tons of sales and profits, but perhaps much worse. That’s because they cannot rank in Google’s 3-Pack if their Google My Business Page’s issue is not fixed!


With a combination of our lead generation software and proprietary method, we have developed a near foolproof step-by-step system for locating, landing and profiting from clients starting as fast as today!


While MANY local marketing consultants find lead generation to be difficult, you are lucky as you’re about to find out how EASY it really can be when you have the right tools and strategies like those we hand to you inside here!


Once you have targeted your first round of leads, you will contact and seek to convert and close them using our proven methods (which do NOT include cold-calling because we know you probably hate to do that and, guess what? So do we!).


After closing each client, you will fix their problem and, while it is a SERIOUS problem for them that they NEED fixed ASAP, the solution is VERY fast and VERY easy to carry out.  In fact, it will take you LESS THAN 5 minutes to do it with the solution we teach you inside the course, though we show you our smart strategy that makes it appear to your client it takes you 1-2 weeks to make this fix, which makes it so much easier to charge for your worth and value versus your time!

“Both The Maps Prospector Software And Strategy Are SO Drop-Dead Easy…”

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