Maria Andros – Social Media Traffic Blueprint

Maria Andros – Social Media Traffic Blueprint

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Author: Maria Andros
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What makes this training so great?  As part of the Social Media Traffic Blueprint course you will learn how to:

–    Use video to grow your business and change the way you do business
–    Position your self as a leader in your field and become a ‘celebrity’ in your niche
–    Get your audience to connect with you on an emotional level
–    Gain instant credibility and trust with your clients
–    Optimise Your Twitter and Facebook Profiles to attract leads and Brand Yourself as a Professional
–    Attract more customers and more traffic to your website
–    Rank on the FIRST page of Google with your video
–    Attract  high quality customers that are ready to do business with you

Module 1: Your Youtube Channel & Branding

Why video marketing is the future of traffic generation and what you can do to cash in on this growing phenomenon.Social.Media.Traffic

# How to use YouTube videos to get free search engine traffic.
# How to create your very own simple intro video that brands you in all your videos.
# What to add in the info section of your YouTube Channel to get a ton of free traffic to your website.
# How to create your own Branded look & feel for your Youtube Channel that compels your viewers to subscribe and that makes you stand out.
# How to build a super loyal subscriber base of Raving fans who follow your every move, evangelize about you and want to buy your products and services.

In this Module you’ll learn how to easily use video in your own marketing and it’s a lot easier than most people think and you don’t even have to appear in a single video if you don’t want to. Most marketers are clueless when it comes to truly leveraging the power of video on the Internet.
Module 2: Twitter Traffic

An in-depth examination of why Twitter is such a Viral Phenomenon and how to use it the right way to generate traffic.

# What’s the fastest way to grow your traffic? Simple, just do this.
# How to create a Powerful bio that attracts Speaking Engagements and New Profitable JV relationships.
# How to Position yourself Correctly on Twitter and become a Center of Influence.
# What to do to Make SURE Your Links Get Re-Tweeted and Get Clicked Over & Over again.
# Twitter Tools – A ton of cool Twitter Tools will be explained including ones you could never even imagine existed.
# Your Profile – This is the most important part of using twitter that will also determine your ability to generate traffic using it. Get this wrong and you’re in big trouble!
# What to Tweet about and what to never do and Why 99% of marketers are using Twitter wrong and how you can use it the right way to grow your business. How to get people to leave your Twitter page and go directly to your website.
# Getting Followers – You will learn how to get people to follow you so that you can market to them and get them to your websites to generate traffic and sales.
# Once you complete this module, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to conquer Twitter- You’ll be a “Twitter Expert”!
Module 3: Hypnotic Video Formulas

In this Module we’ll cover the world of Video Marketing and how you can quickly and easily use video in your own marketing to generate a ton of traffic. It’s a lot easier than most people think and you don’t even have to appear in a single video if you don’t want to. Most marketers are clueless when it comes to truly utilizing the power of video on the internet.

# How to overcome the fear of making videos and being on camera. Your confidence will be at a all time high.
# What you absolutely ALWAYS must have in each of your videos. (I see many people who are doing this the wrong way leaving thousands of dollars on the table.)
# The way to get people to leave YouTube and instantly go to your website.
# My Secret Formulas for creating videos that hypnotically mesmerize your viewers. (Video is known to convert much higher than audio or text.)
# A Simple technique to create videos if you already have an ezine or auto-responder that can awaken a list that has gone cold instantly.
# The BIG difference between generic marketing and Attraction Based Marketing (HINT: it’s got to do with ATTRACTING clients in, rather than CHASING people to work with you) and how to apply it to YOUR business.
# How to speak in your customers language and hit emotional hot buttons that urge your prospects to buy from you over and over again.
# How to figure out what your ideal clients frustrations REALLY are (it’s so much easier than you think, you’ll kick yourself for having wasted so much time in the past.)
Module 4: Competitive Keyword Research & Analytics

# Keywords you should never try and optimize for. (Hint: This is the #1 mistake most marketers make when it comes to SEO.)
# How to get onto the Front Pages of the search engines in as Fast as 66 minutes.
# How to find long tail keywords in your niche that your competitors are spending up to $12 + per click on.
# How to have 1,000′s MORE VISITORS to your website (the kind of visitors you want, who are interested in what you have to offer.)
# How to create captivating Headlines that your new prospects feel compelled to click on and watch.
# How to Spy on your Competitors paid and organic keywords and swipe them.
# How to find back-links from your competitors websites that position you on the front pages of the search engines.
Module 5: The Ultimate Video Toolkit Series

# How to create Professional looking & sounding Videos in minutes on a Budget! I’ll show you my Simple techniques.
# I’ll show you all my equipment and how to buy everything inexpensively.
# How to use Amazon S3 service to host your video files (what I personally use for my launches.)
# Where to shoot your videos, ideas for locations and things you absolutely must know before filming a video.
# Ways to find videographers if needed that are professional and reliable.
# How to convert your videos into flash video with simple software that converts in minutes.
Module 6: Video Views & Screen Capture Software Optimization

# How to examine the statistics and data to see where the traffic is flowing from each video on your site.
# How to use other video sharing sites to Dominate the Organic Search Results.
# How to use ‘video responses’ to piggy back off traffic from other popular videos.
# How to effectively use annotations to increase the time someone watches your video & stays on your channel.
# How to leverage your thumbnail image on YouTube to generate higher clicks.
# How to examine the statistics and data to see where the traffic is flowing from each video on your site.
# A list of software of video related sites where you can submit your videos and drive extra traffic.
# How to get more views to your videos and channel resulting in higher search engine rankings and new visitors to your website.
# Which software and systems I personally use and recommend and how to have your videos viewed on up to 40 different sites all with a click of a button.
# How to create simple and quick screen capture videos that position you as a expert. What software to buy for all computers (both PC’s and Mac computers.)
# How to add value to your prospects and customers and how to establish yourself as a expert and authority in your niche.
Module 7: Video Squeeze Page & List Building Blueprint

# What you absolutely need on your video squeeze page that converts (and what you don’t.)
# How to have your prospects already pre-qualified credit card in hand even through your videos even before they reach your website.
# How to tell if your web designer is ripping you off! (You’d be amazed if you knew how many “web designers” actually have no idea how to put up a simple site and try to overcharge.)
# 3 simple changes you can make at your website that will get 10X more visitors to give you their contact information.
# How to make your visitors stay on your site longer (so they are more likely to buy from you.)
# How to instantly find out WHY your current web visitors aren’t buying. (This little tip in itself is worth your entire investment in my coaching program!)
# How to triple your traffic with quick and simple videos and to turn prospects into paying clients.
# How to communicate with your prospects in a way that builds a loyal following and relationship.
# How to build a highly qualified and responsive list of new prospects who already know, like and trust you through your social media & videos.
# How to grow your list with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.
# How to add video to your blog or how to get set up and create your own video blog.
Module 8: Social Media Time Management Blueprint

# Most self-employed people know WHAT to do many times, but never get organized enough and disciplined enough to stay on track, keep focused, and approach marketing in a systematic way.
# The truth about the 80/20 rule and how it affects your social media marketing efforts.
# Why it’s actually your DUTY to market and when you don’t, you’re being greedy.
# How much time you REALLY need to work on your business and how to instantaneously find the time, effortlessly.
# How to make it super easy to eliminate the time wasters and create a strong FOCUS.
# Why you’re approaching Time Management in the WRONG way and how it’s losing you money every day.
# Just THIS section alone will help you get FOCUSED, ORGANIZED and DISCIPLINED in your marketing like never before and that really pays off.
Module 9: Facebook Advanced Training Blueprint

# My coveted Facebook in Fifteen Minutes formula and Secret formula to set up an irresistible profile that prospects simply cannot resist.
# How to create a Fan Page that positions you as an expert and authority in your niche.
# Here’s the most effective way to get people to opt-in to your email list.
# A free tool you can use to easily share content through multiple social sites.
#and much more
Module 10: Social Media Marketing Outsourcing

# How to leverage your time and resources to get it ALL done.
# How to build a super team, even if money is an issue. I’m not kidding!
# and much more

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