Maria Gudelis – Offline Virtual Summit

Maria Gudelis – Offline Virtual Summit

7 Days 7 Masters…

Introducing “Strategies Of The Offline Masters Virtual Summit”

Where YOU say YES to Knowledge to Make Money…

…and No to Plane Tickets and Hotels That Costs You Money

Featuring: Masters of Offline Consulting and the Money Mindmap

Such as Legendary Consultant David Preston – He Reveals How he Made $103,000 in 4 Days With One Joint Venture!

Give us 1 to 1.5 hours per day and we’ll force 7 of the world’s top offline marketing experts to reveal their most powerful, most clever, and most profitable methods for getting fast cash into your business.”

We’d like you to join us! Â*Meet just some of the Masters:

“How a Simple Joint Venture Can Give You $103,000 in 4 Days!”

Founder of the famous “Stupidly Simple Cash Cow” Consulting workshops and methods…

…The “Legendary Consultant” David Preston will:

– Â*Reveal the exact step-by-step system he used to create a $103,000 winfall for him…and yes you read right, in just 4 DAYS!

You will discover how to:

– Launch your own local business joint ventures that will drastically boost your bank account!
Imagine that YOU can create a six figure joint venture with no list, no website, and right out of the gate start becoming the power local business broker!

You will walk away with a model you can copy and implement right away to start becoming a rainmaker in your consulting business!

“Caution: Â*Don’t Let This Twitter Workshop Sales System Make You Too Rich!”

Tina Williams fills a workshop up with local business owners and closes more than 50% of the room!

Tina Williams has exploded onto the local business scene with her success in cashing in Â*on selling the offline money mindmap and creating “How To” Twitter Workshops that have the best closing ratio ever heard of in sales! Â*Social Media expert to local business owners,
Tina will reveal:

– Â*Her secrets to cashing on on four figure sales of the offline money mindmap to local business owners

– Â*How to rapidly pull off your first Twitter Workshop for Local Business owners.

– Â*The #1 Secret she uses Â*that makes getting clients child’s play

And what makes local business owners rush to her workshops…

She teaches you “how to leverage the power of creating responsive Twitter Communities” that literally builds your business for you.

“Greatest Goldmine of Easy SEO Selling Tactics Ever Crammed Into One Webinar!”

This mystery guru offered a contest for you as well! You will be able to email us your offline consulting SEO question… and if you are chosen as the student with the BEST QUESTION, you will get a “Mystery” prize that will help make you money!

This Mystery Guest sells SEO Blueprints & packages to Local Business Owners for $1,300 to $1,700 a pop!

How would you like to learn how to do that over and over again?

This master of offline consultant is a bit shy…

….a bit of a stealth, underground marketer…a full time marketer since 1999, and now is ready to reveal his local business SEO secrets to you.

– You get to learn exactly how to sell a $1,300 to $1,700 SEO Blueprint & service package.
His methods are so easy and effective it’s like shooting at a target one foot away from you! Anyone can do this!

The question remains…is he going to take off his hood to reveal himself publicy or will he remain in the shadows ????

“What Everyone Ought to Know…
About The Revolutionary Rent-A-Site Business Model”

He fired his boss in just seven days! Â*

Creator of the ultimate “Phone Obliteration”, “Offline Stealth Tactic”, “Local SEO Magic” Â*products…

…The Offline Treasure Guy, Jamie Garside (aka “GoGetta”) makes a living selling his online marketing expertise to offline brick and mortar business owners. Â*

Take your offline consulting business to the next level as Jamie shows you:

– Â*How to get sales as swiftly as humanly possible. Â*Jamie reveals his secret sales approach tactics.

– Â*How to master the Rent-A-Site Model that adds passive residual monthly income to your business.

The offline sales guy of the 21st Century is ready to teach you how to take your online to offline business to the next level, literally!

“Discover The Three Top Secret E-mails Used That Booked Her Workshop 100% Full And YOU Can Do That Too!”

Kara Charron made her first fortune in Real Estate using innovative techniques and has now transferred that experience and strategies to the offline world.

Kara will share with you how she sent 3 e-mails out to local small business centres and booked one workshop!

She will show you how she presented the Offline Money Mindmap to the board who literally called her 5 minutes after the meeting to book the workshop!

Her secret of how she used a simple trick to customize and brand the Offline Money Mindmap, without using the original Freemind software.

3 simple techniques that will allow you to go beyond the fear of moving forward and start taking MASSIVE Consistent Action to achieve your success!

“The Secrets Of Building Your B2B Sales Team…Finally Revealed!”

Rob Canyon, expert speaker, entrepreneur and offline business coach has grown multiple businesses from zero into millions…

…Now he teaches others how to do the exact same thing by rapidly growing sales with his proven strategies and techniques.

One of the biggest “pains” you might have as an offline consultant is how to get your sales going while you are still working full time. Â*Hiring outside sales reps is the key to launching your business into a “fire your boss” business! Â*

His expertise shared on this exclusive webinar:

– You get RARE information on client prospecting and how it can explode your profits.

– You discover how to “bee line” straight for the most qualified prospects.

– You get exclusive million dollar secrets to improving your close ratio.

“And More…One Power Consultant Who Day In Day Out Sells The Money Mindmap to Local Businesses With A Unique System

This Expert Will Spill The Beans On How To Sell And Present The Mindmap To Attract Profit-Pulling Clients To YOUR Business”

“Meet Your Host – Maria Gudelis”

Original Creator of the “Offline Money Mindmap”, Maria Gudelis – As Seen on TV, Entrepreneur, World-Wide Speaker, Author, Real Estate & Internet Power Consultant.

Having a reputation for “over-delivering”…this Offline Virtual Summit will shock you with so much value you may need to sit down to control your heart rate of have a heart defibulator nearby!

Maria has rapidly created a seven figure consulting business using super tactics of online video marketing and social media. Maria was one of the first real estate experts to start using ‘Reality’ style video and marketing on the internet, marketing that delivered rapid results to her own real estate portfolio and her clients. Maria has worked and consulted with Big Corporations in the Fortune 500 arena, to small entreprenurial companies poised on “break-out” profits.

Pioneering Into the Internet Â* was an easy transition given Maria’s background in software startups, and former specialty in information technology consulting with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte and Touche and Computer Sciences Corporation. Â* Â*

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