Markay Latimer – Squeeze the Markets

Markay Latimer – Squeeze the Markets

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Wouldn’t it be nice to find a trading opportunity and squeeze every ounce of profit out of it before you close it and move on to the next one? Imagine how good it would feel to learn how to squeeze all the possible profits from a stock position!

Markay Latimer, the BetterTrades trading education coach, used to wonder that, too. So she did some research and background on the issue. And since Markay is one of the best at technical analysis, she wondered how it might be possible to do it by using Bollinger Bands, one of her favorite indicators to teach to students.

That led to the creation of her “SQUEEZE THE MARKETS” DVD series.

squeeze the market

It’s a 4-DVD set that was filmed during one of Markay’s live trading education events.

How to find the sleeper candidates that may be ready to move
How to evaluate short-term momentum plays
How to locate early breakouts to potentially create more cash
How to enhance your ability by using the special fast settings created by Markay

The teaching revolves around Bollinger Bands, an indicator designed to show market volatility. Bollinger Bands can mark the beginning of new moves, identify opportunities and display the strength of one move relative to another. Sometimes a stock will move sideways within a Bollinger Band channel; that’s when it’s playing a waiting game.

But when the Bollinger Bands begin to pinch together, that means something may be getting ready to happen. It’s like squeezing a tube of toothpaste; something is going to come blasting out if you squeeze hard enough. And when the Bollinger Bands start to squeeze a stock, something is likely to happen, either in a bullish or bearish direction.


Markay will teach you how to look for the Bollinger Band Squeeze plays.
She will teach you the criteria for the trades, how long they typically last and how you identify the plays as they appear on the stock charts.
Markay will teach you how to react when the squeeze play occurs and
The stock breaks through the upper Bollinger Band… Or… When the stock breaks below the lower Bollinger Band.

Knowing how to react properly can make the difference between possibly making a profit or having to exit the position with a loss. She will teach you the signals to look for when Bollinger Bands start to spread apart and you see those candlesticks on chart begin to react.
– What will you do if the candlesticks begin to walk on the
top Bollinger Band?
– How long should you stay in?
– How do you know when you need to get out because you’ve
squeezed everything out of it?
Markay will teach you how to get the most out of these Bollinger Band squeeze plays.


  • How to set up your intraday chart … the settings for the Bollinger Band indicator … the time of the candles … the number of days to display
  • How to tell when a stock is “walking the band” and what to do about it
  • How to react when you see a bearish and bullish squeeze develop and what to do when a Bollinger Top or Bottom shows up on the chart

But there’s more to a squeeze play than just finding it and jumping in. You must know how to manage the strategy. Plus, you need to know how to react when things don’t go as planned. Being able to reduce your losses when they occur is an important part of the learning process.


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