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Martin Cole – Market Maker Manipulation

Martin Cole – Market Maker Manipulation

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Martin Cole complete professional forex trading course is now on 3 DVD’s. This trading course is the exact same course that those who come to Martin Cole’s home for personal and individual trader training receive. This is the exact same forex trading course that he normally be paid over £6,000 / $10,000 to deliver.

What will you learn and what will you get for your money
Have you ever wondered why it is that when you enter a market, that market, almost instantly (even if you ultimately have the future direction correct) moves against you and takes your position out of the money?
The why, is because 90% of the time when you push the buy or sell button on your dealing platform you have been manipulated into doing so by the Market Makers. To this some traders will instantly defend their decisions and say “no, that is not so, I only enter when my trading system tells me to” What these traders fail to realise is that the Market Makers are manipulating the traders BELIEFS about future price, and they are doing this by causing standard market indicators to come into play when they want them to. Market Makers MAKE a market, this is their role, and THIS is what they do.

After you have gone through my trading course not only will you fully understand the ‘why’ but you will not be falling victim to this.

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